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Baby Steps "Launch Your Freelance Business" Bootcamp

Turn your creative or digital skill into a freelance business that provides real income by taking these baby steps.
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Students will learn how to turn their creative digital skill into an income-generating business.

Baby Steps "Launch Your Freelance Business" Bootcamp is designed for anyone with a digital or creative skill (like graphic design, copywriting, social media management or photography) who wants to turn that skill into your own business, adding real income to your bank account.

Baby Steps will guide you through ALL of the steps of planning, setting up, and launching your new freelance business like...

  • Determining your market positioning; who you'll sell to and what messaging is important in doing so

  • Writing your brand positioning statement as your business GPS

  • Designing your FREE Baby Steps logo

  • Creating your FREE Baby Steps website

  • Taking and editing your own FREE Baby Steps semi-professional headshot photos

  • Setting up your FREE Baby Steps business email account and getting access to all of the free software you'll need to run your business

  • Figuring out you first "Small and Simple" service offering

  • Understanding the importance of a contract as a tool for building your business (and setting up your own!)

  • Learning about pricing structures and the types of pricing you can offer

  • Calculating your target/goal hourly rate so you don't dramatically underprice your services

  • Getting comfortable with the idea of "sales" and selling your services as a freelancer

  • Learning how to prospect and coming up with your prospecting message prompt to book calls with potential clients

  • What a "Discovery Call" is and what that actually sounds like

  • Developing a standard sales process that you can use to find and land new clients

Baby Steps "Launch Your Freelance Business" Bootcamp
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