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Cryptocurrency Trading Explained

A Brief Introduction
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In our first foray into crypto trading education we will cover:
· Familiarization: a gentle introduction to some of the jargon and apps to help you get your bearings in the fast paced world of crypto.
· Getting Started: Here we briefly cover what to expect when signing up for exchanges, and the importance of security.
· Exchanges: A brief overview of the best exchanges to start with and an explanation of the often confusing route to turn your dollars into tokens.
· Additional Considerations: A few other things to consider before moving on: arbitrage and the importance of making a plan!
· Education and Research: Knowledge is power in this space! Where are the best places to find information and gain knowledge?
· What to Research: Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the more popular ways of getting information, find out what exactly you should be looking for here.
· ICO’s: What are ICO's? How do you tell the good ones from the bad ones? Get a brief introduction here!
· Taxes: Trust us... We don't want to talk about them either. We'll keep it brief! And more!

Universities are hubs for cutting-edge thought and visionary ideas. Premised on this idea, Blockchain at Berkeley brings together an eclectic team of individuals--ranging from computer scientists to business leaders--to develop what we see as the technology of the future: blockchain. While still in its infancy and often misunderstood, blockchain offers the potential for massive disruption in many industries. By positioning ourselves as the bridge between academia and the public sphere, Blockchain at Berkeley provides the knowledge and education this rapidly-evolving space so desperately needs.

In the current crypto trading climate, we realized that there is a massive amount of misinformation. Many individuals are being taken advantage of by hype and get rich quick schemes with little basis in reality. In order to combat this we are expanding our efforts into the realm of crypto trading.

We currently teach two courses at UC Berkeley on Blockchain technology and development. In addition to this we offer educational courses on blockchain technology to executives and companies that collaborate with us. Blockchain at Berkeley attempts to open source as much of this content as possible to increase the amount of information accessible to the community. The material from one of our technical courses can be found . We are currently working with four different corporations on Blockchain projects including Airbus, Exxon, and Qualcomm as well as several Blockchain platforms such as Cosmos and IOTA. We maintain a position of being blockchain agnostic and seek to stay at the forefront of where this fast paced industry is headed.

Cryptocurrency Trading Explained
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