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Cracking B2B Sales MasterClass- Business Development!

Cracking B2B Sales and Business development- - Business Development!
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The Course Focuses on How to crack B2B Sales (Business development). It will cover the following topics:
How to work on Need Development questions
Building Value and communicating it
Decision making process
Lead Generation hacks
Social Selling and Sales Automation Blueprint
Strategic Account planning
Communication: Email- 10 formulas that work!
Communication- Cold calling
Nurturing and follow up
Interaction framework

In the Cracking B2B Sales Masterclass course, you will learn the Sales hacks/Business development hacks across the lifecycle that work on-ground. The Course covers 12 different topics covering the nuances of the Sales lifecycle in detail. The topics covered include- Need development questions, Building Value, The decision-making process, Listening, Lead generation hacks, Social selling, Sales enablement blueprint, Strategic Account plan, etc. #Sales #Businessdevelopment #Startup #Sales #B2B #B2BSales

Cracking B2B Sales MasterClass- Business Development!
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