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B2B Business Development: Overcoming Price Objections

Close sales even when your price is higher than your competition
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LEARN my 3-step bidding matrix.
Close deals even though your price is higher than your competition.
DISCOVER how to increase sales/revenue in a tough marketplace.
BENEFIT from handouts designed to guide you through practical practice sessions.
MASTER business bonding skills.
LEARN My ASP training model.
DISCOVER the skills you need to study your market competition.
Become an EXPERT at customers retention.
LEARN to reduce threat of someone buying them back/away
Handle objections with CONFIDENCE!
LEARN EXACTLY how to structure your sales conversations so that you can communicate your value effectively.

The most common and frustrating problem that I work on when coaching my sales students is some version of:

  • “Steve, I struggle closing deals because our prices are too high.”

  • Or, “We aren’t competitive, and my market is very price sensitive.”

  • Or, “How can I win work when my competition gives away their product?”

Are you in the same boat? Do you feel like no matter what you do or say, the prospect eventually will NOT work with you because you charge more than your competition???

Well, welcome to this course!!!

I have never been hired by a business owner or company to help them with their sales efforts if they were the lowest price in their market. NEVER! They (theoretically) do not need help selling. They just match prices all day long and steal business away from hard-working salespeople who are wanting a fair price for their better products and services.

For over 15 years of training and coaching my customers, they all ask me to help them solve the same thing,

    “Steve, how can I sell more AND maintain, or even raise, my prices???”

The good news is that I was in the same boat when I started selling. My product was double the price of my competitors and triple the price of them doing it themselves. UGH! I had to figure something out. I read every book I could find, enrolled in sales training courses, and even had one-on-one interviews and coaching from sales mentors.

The result? I got so good at sales, I decided to switch careers and pay it forward to my fellow struggling sales professionals.

The reason you get a price objection is pretty simple in its essence.

The buyer doesn’t think your products or services are “worth” it.

By the way, I know that they are... you don’t need to convince me, you need to convince them!

I’ve designed a very simple and straightforward approach to combat this problem.

My 3-step matrix, mixed with a little bit of prep-work and practice, will have you negotiating higher and higher prices with every new opportunity in front of you.

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B2B Business Development: Overcoming Price Objections
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