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Design B2B & B2C Sales Funnel with Proven Page Templates

Sales Funnel Design with WordPress "Elementor" | Road Map to Website Design Freelance Career
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Design B2B and B2C sales page
Download proven ready made sales page templates
Learn "Elementor" webpage designer plugin in WordPress
Learn "Elementor" Free add on plugins in WordPress
Learn sales funnel and copy writing
Learn and integrate CRM Tool (HubSpot) onto WordPress
Road-map on WordPress website design freelance with minimal cost


Students will be given proven sales page templates that can be downloaded and imported into their own WordPress platform with Elementor Plugin.

These templates are highly responsive, and can be published with little modifications. However, this course will still walk you through on designing each section, and element of each given sales page. And show you how to pitch different product or service effectively in B2B and B2C perspective.



WordPress website design is getting very popular and handy among SME Business and Big Corporation, mainly because it is easy to setup and handover, and the platform has full flexibility on customization and creativity. Best of all, with WordPress platform, you can install varieties of free functional plugins to enhance website performance and presentation.

"Elementor" is one of the most amazing plugins in WordPress, and it is a web page design builder. With this amazing tool, you can create, design and customize web page with drag and drop feature, and able to import and export templates with Json files.

Best of all, this course will show you how to install and use other Free Elementor add-on plugins to take this game to another level, you won't need to go for Elementor Pro Version yet still able to create stunning and converting sales page.


If you have membership website / online product / service to offer, this course will be the exact fit to you!

If you are website design freelancer, this might suit you even more! You can extract the essence of the sales page template, and use it onto your client project or present them as your portfolio



Typically one (1) web page will cost you from 50 USD to 100 USD, which could be a fortune if you're asking for several web pages. Enrolling into this course allows you to have all the amazing proven sales page templates and learn to build your own sales page!

This would have save you a lots of time and money, imagining you have to follow up with developer every time you need modification or alteration. Please have a look at this course price and you definitely are getting a good deal here!



Four (4) ready made sales page templates for you at your own disposal, and for commercial or personal usage. In other meaning, they are literally yours!

Each sales page is designed specifically to sell certain product or service, and custom built to fulfill B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Client) purpose. This course structure is designed to cover all relevant product and service as below:

  • B2B Sales Page | Offer Master or Private Label Rights

  • B2B Sales Page | Commercial Software

  • B2C Sales Page | Online Course or Training

  • B2C Sales Page | Sell Memberships

This course will also walk you through each sales page design, so you are getting a very hands-on designing experience!

Moreover, this course will show you how to startup with zero cost:

  • Register Free Host Server & Domain Name and setup your working platform easily

  • Use other fancy Free Tools and Software to enhance sales page performance and presentation.

That's not all, you will get other Bonus Tutorials as well:

  • Learn how to use HubSpot as CRM (Client Relationship Management) Tool

  • Road-map to get Website Design Freelance Project with Zero Cost Upfront


Please have a look at the free previews below to know how my tutorials are being conducted, and to decide whether this suit you or not?

If you are, then I will see you inside :)

Design B2B & B2C Sales Funnel with Proven Page Templates
$ 69.99
per course
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