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B-The-Real-U Ketogenic Weight Management Program Masterclass

"As the fat comes off, the real person comes out".
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How to lose weight in such a way as to improve health and wellbeing as well

Are you feeling overweight, sluggish and can't stop snacking?

Do you constantly look in the mirror and/or go on the scale and notice that you are now even more overweight than you were last year? Are you one of the many that are too tired after a long day at work and need to order takeaway for you and the family? Are you unable to resist all the "yummy" food presented to you? When you go shopping or take your family on outings, do you usually find yourself buying junk foods often? Do you find it difficult to stop snacking and are always craving processed foods, but feel terrible a while after you have eaten them? Do you think you are constantly making the wrong choices? And anyway, are you confused about what the right choices might actually be?

Are you feeling too tired to play with your kids, sick all the time, suffer from brain fog, or just too exhausted to enjoy life?

Do you feel guilty all the time because you don't have enough patience or energy to play with your kids? Do you want to sleep after lunch and sometimes dose off at your desk at work? Do you find yourself forgetting words or forgetting to do important tasks? Do you constantly promise yourself that you will do something about your weight and health issues? Have you consumed tons of information on weight loss, but feel like it has never lead to any longterm meaningful results in your life?

Are you fed up!!

But still want to improve the way you look and feel?

You are not alone!! Despite there being an explosion of low-fat food, diet drinks, meal replacements, appetite suppressants, weight loss clinics, diet books, gyms, exercise equipment, and medical diets, all claiming to be effective, there is a growing obesity epidemic threatening the health of millions of people around the world. Indeed, we are more overweight now than we have ever been, with obesity—together with diabetes and related conditions— affecting more than a billion people worldwide! So, there must be something drastically wrong with much of what the weight-loss industry is offering. In fact, most of these eating plans are known to fail in the long-term as they leave you feeling hungry, sluggish and miserable. So, if you, like many out there, are time poor to attend a practitioner and struggling financially but you need a better answer to your health and weight loss issues, then I think the B-TRU program is for you!

Then why is the "Be-The-Real-U" (B-TRU) Ketogenic Weight Management Program any different?

And, if it is a keto diet, then how is it different to most of the keto diets out there?

This eating plan, similar to most of the successful and well-formulated ketogenic diets, is based on scientific research and clinical findings. It is also designed to become one that you will adhere to from now on; not a short-term fad. It is quite different from what you might be used to. Instead of relying on limiting portion sizes, counting calories, requiring heaps of willpower, and resorting to extreme exercise, this program approaches weight loss and health improvements in an entirely different way. Furthermore, many keto diets are not necessarily structured to assist your psychological and physical health? Indeed, many keto diets that you see on the web, are not really healthy at all. This B-TRU program focuses on dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle solutions for those individuals who want to lose weight. If you do this plan properly, unlike other diets, you should NOT feel hungry, sluggish and miserable. And, more importantly, you will feel more like your REAL self – the human being you were meant to be. Hopefully, if you manage your weight and health successfully, you will start living the best life possible. But what makes this program different, is that not only will you get information on the pitfalls of losing weight this way and how to address them and prevent them, but this program also covers the emotional side of eating. You will be supplied with knowledge on how to deal with food addictions, having a winning attitude and how to become more assertive. What eating plan that you know of, also addresses these issues? Plus you will be given worksheets to address why you emotionally eat and how you got to the way you are now. A successful program needs to include both the actual eating plan and deal with the emotional side of eating. Without the second half, it is easy to go back to your old ways once there is a minor slip up.

How will the B-TRU Program assist me in losing weight and feeling better?

  • It is structured so that: Your body will burn your stored fat without starving yourself.

  • You should not feel deprived of calories, have cravings, or feel hungry between meals.

  • Your underlying emotional issues will be addressed through worksheets and tasks that you will complete.

  • Your metabolic set-point will hopefully be lowered.

  • Your lifestyle, such as exercise, sleep and how you respond to “ankle biters”, will be addressed.

  • Yes, you will finally have a weight management program that will allow you to burn your excess fat, improve your health, give you back your energy, vitality, memory and concentration, as well as reduce your cravings, fatigue and excess weight – AND KEEP IT OFF!!!


1.   Can I do this course if I have no knowledge of the body and biology?

Sure you can! And you will learn heaps. Furthermore, if your level of knowledge is quite high, you can also benefit, as you might gain new insights about the mechanisms behind the keto diet, gain knowledge about the evidence that is out there verifying this form of eating, learn specifically about the B-TRU program, as well as other valuable information that you might not already know.

2.   I have yo-yo dieted, on and off, all my adult life, is it okay not to start the diet straight away, and just go through all the modules first?

That sounds like a great idea. I want you to be ready before you embark on the program. Otherwise, you might fail once again. And I really don't want that for you. This time, I sincerely hope, will be the time you see major results.

3.  Do the worksheets at the end of every module contain questions that are confronting? Do I need to complete them?

Yes, some of the questions will be confronting, and will hopefully open up your eyes to the truth about what has been holding you back thus far. I am not going to hold a gun to your head to force you to complete them. But if you don't do them, who are you fooling? You will miss out on valuable information about yourself - not me! And, consequently, you will continue to make the same mistakes, and hamper your efforts of going forward in your quest for improving your health, your weight, and your general wellbeing once again.

4. I have been on a keto diet before and it has not worked.  Will this be any different?

The keto diet is not for everyone, and I note this in the presentations. However, maybe this time you might gain more background knowledge on the mechanisms behind how and why it works, what mistakes you can make, and how you can avoid or rectify them. I also cannot guarantee anything. If you are committed and persistent, and educate yourself, I believe you can be successful. But it is all up to you.


While this course is new, and as such testimonials of the program cannot be supplied, below you will find testimonials from patients who have attended the naturopathic clinic run by Celia, the author of this course:

“Best decision I ever made”

“No doctor has treated me with the same amount of kindness, compassion, honesty and enthusiasm as Celia. She is truly the only doctor I have worked with that makes me feel like an actual human and that my health complications are valid, but able to be fixed. I can hands down say that Celia is the most genuine and intelligent person I have ever come across and worked with. Reading her qualifications alone impressed me enough to contact her. She has an amazing ability to use honesty and empowerment together, and for the first time in a LONG time I feel like my health is improving! My treatment is not straight forward or easy but Celia has made me feel informed and ready to heal rather than intimidated. I can whole heartedly say that she is hands down the most informative and attentive naturopath I have ever met. I have noticed a big improvement with my mental health and approach to life. Overall, I’m glad I followed my intuition to work with Celia. Best decision I ever made!”

by Tina M, Toorak, Vic., Australia

“ We would not hesitate to recommend her services”

"Celia is very knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. I concur with everything the other reviewers have said about the sense of relief in finally finding someone who would listen. When we first contacted Celia I was desperate. Going days without sleep and feeling like I would never reach ‘normal’ again. Her willingness to go way further than ‘conventional’ medical practitioners in determining the source of an issue and her full system approach has meant our whole families’ health has improved immensely under her care and I am happy to say I can once again enjoy a good nights rest. We would not hesitate in recommending her services. Thank you.”

Francesca E., Perth, W.A., Australia

"Thanks to Celia, I have found the key to living well with multiple food intolerances".

Before I saw Celia I was exhausted, bloated and feeling quite down. I had been feeling this way on and off for around 10 years and had seen 3 other naturopath’s. After Celia diagnosed me with SIBO, prescribed supplements and put me on a low FODMAP diet I began to see amazing changes. I am feeling much more energised and much less bloated. I also lost around 3 kilos and have still kept it off over 6 months later (didn’t have much to lose) which I had tried to lose for many many years with no success. Thanks to Celia I have found the key to living well with multiple food intolerances.

Chantal, S. New South Wales, Australia

“ Her brain is a knowledge base of health data and she is always analysing/researching on what natural remedies will be appropriate for me”

"I have seen over 10 professionals for my chronic health issues since 2007 and have spent tens thousands of dollars. During my healing journey I have also educated myself as best I can on my condition(s). Celia is the first naturopath I’ve met whom has a thorough understanding of the science, genetics, herbs, eastern and western remedies . Her brain is a knowledge base of health data and she is always analysing/researching on what natural remedies will be appropriate for me, given I have such complex health issues. She has a passion for what she does and will go out of her way to help. I trust her. It took me along time to find her.  I have been going to Celia for nearly one year and have been very impressed with the results she has achieved with my health".

Vicki H, Hampton, Victoria, Australia

"There is no one better equipped and more committed to assisting in your life".

“I have been to many people in this industry that claim to know how to solve your problems and assist in repairing. They were not great listeners and I never felt that they truly knew what they were talking about. Celia, on the other hand, is a great listener with a background to support her methodologies and practices. Whether your issues are internal, mental or external, Celia’s knowledge and ability to hone into the causes of your issues is surpassed by none.

Celia is very honest and open, so you are required to do the same in order to get the best results. Before my initial consultation, I had my doubts due to past experiences. However, after the session I was convinced Celia was the right person to help and repair my ailments. I can’t speak highly enough of Celia and what she has been able to do, not only for me, but my family members also. The difference is astounding and quite remarkable.

Celia can tap into any area, whether it be your brain, organs, weight etc. You will learn how to eat and drink correctly, your mind will open to a whole new world. Thanks to Celia’s assistance, I have turned my liver deterioration around 180 degrees! My allergies and asthma have almost completely disappeared. I have lost weight and I now eat healthier. I am happier and think with clarity.

I always recommend Celia to everyone I know, if they are ready to help themselves and improve their way of life. Get on board and commit to something that will definitely change your life for the better. There is no one better equipped and more committed to assisting in your life.”

Brett B., Mulgrave, Victoria

B-The-Real-U Ketogenic Weight Management Program Masterclass
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