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Azure Pipelines

Automate your CI/CD Cycle using Azure Pipelines
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Creating CI/CD Solutions in Azure Pipelines
Create Pipelines
Define Artifices
Create Releases
Define Different Environments
Manage Sources and Builds

Hello and welcome to this course. This course will guide you through the process of creating an Azure DevOps pipeline where you can automate your build and release process. This course is for all developers from all levels and even DevOps Engineers. This course can be used for all type of projects and programming languages. The concepts are the same and shared among them.

To start, we will create a build. The build is where we tell the CI what we need to do to have a successful release of our code. Using the build file we will examine its different parts and see how we can customize it to have a releasable code where we can ship it to our different environments and see the results directly.

The nice thing about Pipelines it takes a lot of headaches concerning releasing code and products to different environments and from a single place we can control it all. For example, let's say that we have three environments and each one has it's unique connection string. With Pipelines, we can define the different configs for the different environments and each time it runs it's automatically changing them so no more worries about have we set the right config for the right place.

Also, we can have our releases saved for later on in ace we want to rollback to a certain release or a build. And the nice thing that I l personally like about Pipelines is that we only need to do small actions to have major results and overall control over our builds. This is much easier than doing the old fashion way of having releases done manually or over a dev machine where the environment might change or have issues.

Also, if you are a fan of cloud there is a lot of integration available for Azure in the Azure pipelines where you simply need to drag and drop an item to connect to Azure or to do a certain task

Also, the course will help you take great advantage of Azure Pipelines in a really quick way! The nice thing about this course that is quite easy to digest and will give you a lot of benefits. So join the course, we are having a party just right now ;)

Azure Pipelines
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