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Azure Kubernetes Service - AKS

Zero to Hero admin guide
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What is Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
Managed vs self-managed Kubernetes solutions.
AKS Capacity Analysis.
Detailed AKS Network architecture.
How to create an AKS cluster using Azure Portal and Azure CLI.
AKS authentication and authorization, including integration with Active Directory.
How AKS manages Azure storage volumes.
AKS monitoring and log debugging.

Learn how to create and manage Kubernetes using one of the leading managed services on the market.

Azure Kubernetes Service Zero to Hero admin guide is an intermediate course which describes:

  • Comparison of Managed vs self-managed Kubernetes solutions;

  • Pros and Cons of Managed Kubernetes services;

  • AKS Capacity Analysis;

  • Detailed AKS network architecture;

  • How to create an AKS cluster using Azure Portal and Azure CLI;

  • Integrate AKS with Active Directory;

  • Create Kubernetes users using self-signed certificates;

  • How AKS creates and manages Azure storage resources;

  • AKS monitoring and log debugging.

Azure Kubernetes Service - AKS
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