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AZ-900 Azure Certification:- 5 Complete Practice Exams

Largest Practice Exam for getting Azure basic certification with 250 Plus questions and 5 full Exams.
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CORONA Break - Special code "CORONA" - Get certified during break
5 Complete - 1 hour preparation exams
Complete real life practice exam with Microsoft resource link

World's largest collection of question with full practice exams for AZ-900. The practice test has scenario based questions that will help students with AZ-900 certification.

Please refer to the AZ-900 training to be able to successfully complete the exams and getting certified.

Please see the breakup of the Course which is similar to the AZ-900 Certification requirement:-

  • Understand Cloud Concepts (15-20%)

  • Understand Core Azure Services (30-35%)

  • Understand Security, Privacy, Compliance, and

  • Trust (25-30%)Understand Azure Pricing and Support (25-30%)

AZ-900 Azure Certification:- 5 Complete Practice Exams
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