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Azure Databricks Masterclass: Beginners Guide to perform ETL

Learn how to perform ETL operations in Azure Databricks. Ideal for DP-200 and DP-201 exams
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Step by Step guide to perform ETL operations using Azure Databricks
Ideal for Beginners

Databricks was developed with the original founders of Apache Spark with the motive to solve complex data engineering and data science problems in the most efficient way using distributed cluster based programming with the power of Spark framework under the hood.

Databricks provides fully managed clusters on cloud and integrates well with AWS and Azure both. But, in this course we are going to focus on how to create, manage and perform ETL operations using Azure platform.

In this course, you will learn right from the basics of Azure Databricks and slowly progress towards the advanced topics of performing ETL operations in Azure Databricks using practical hands on lab sessions.

Also, this course is helpful for those preparing for Azure Data Engineer Certification (DP-200. DP-201) .

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Azure Databricks Masterclass: Beginners Guide to perform ETL
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