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Azure Cloud and ARM Templates for beginners

How to get started in Azure. Learn how to deploy your application, container or any code using ARM Templates or CLI
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We will start with the Azure Portal Overview and then we will continue with ARM templates. We will create a sample application and then deploy it to Azure Cloud. Also we will discuss the way to deploy containers to Azure. The course will include topics related to ARM Templates creation, deployment, improving and troubleshooting.

This course immerses you to Microsoft Azure world

In scope of the course you will learn how to create, deploy and troubleshoot Azure deployment templates.

We will create a site based on dotnet core web application and provision it to Azure App Service.

We will explain the most useful tips and tricks that will save your time in creating and using your Azure solutions.

Increase your Azure Experience. All you need is 1.5 hour of free time and the desire to create.

Azure Cloud and ARM Templates for beginners
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