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Ayurvedic Nutrition Masterclass: Ayurveda Beginner to Pro!

Become an expert in Ayurveda Quickly and Easily! Learn to balance your Vata, Pitta and Kapha elements.
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What are the 3 elements? Why are they important?
What to eat, how and when to eat based on your element
The element’s “needs” and how they change throughout the seasons and during the day.
What is the “digestive fire” and how to maintain its perfect burning, which is vital for your health.
How to help yourself on your own without further mentorship
How to get an Energy boost
Weight loss techniques
Self healing capabilities
rapid improvement of your peristaltic

Have you ever felt tired, lethargic, low on energy or like there isn’t enough time in the day?

Would you like to know how you can feel more energetic, healthy and refreshed in your daily life, without spending thousands of dollars on a nutritionist, dietitian or monthly gym membership fees?

Did you know that from Ayurvedic point of view a disease appears when there is:

- inappropriate diet.

- accumulation of metabolic waste found in the common diet

- Neglecting the needs of “regulators”

- insufficient, excessive or false stimulation of the “regulators.”

First, we would like to thank you for joining our class, for your time and interest to learn an ancient practice of Ayurveda.

"Your body does not age with years but with the mistakes you have done?

What are you going to learn in this class:

  • What to eat

  • How and when to eat

  • What are the 3 elements and their importance.

  • The element’s “needs” and how they change throughout the seasons and during the day. What is the “digestive fire” and how to maintain its perfect burning, which is vital for your health.

And what are the benefits we are offering in this class:

This class deals with the three elements Vata, Pitta and Kapha, explaining their features, how they switch throughout the seasons of the year and daytime, when are the elements active and how to balance them by choosing right food for yourselves in regards to its amount, structure, quality and taste. All is explained using a simple tool called Ayurwheel.

  • How to help yourself on your own without further mentorship

  • Energy boost

  • Weight loss

  • Self healing capabilities

  • Rapid improvement of your peristaltics

  • Improvements in skin quality

  • Great mood with no swings!

And much much more!

Meet Your Trainer
My name is Monika and the reason I started with Ayurveda was my poor health. From childhood I suffered from atopic eczema and asthma. 30 years I had been looking for a solution and tried every possible or guaranteed cure starting with hormone therapy, multiple creams, starch baths, different drastic diets but all leading to nowhere. Going for a consultation with an Ayurvedic therapist did not seem to be any different and I was, of course, skeptical about it. But I was wrong. After returning from the consultation, my husband and I started to prepare Ayurvedic meals according to my recommendation, did few simple changes regarding the timing and the structure of the meals which led to a huge improvement to my condition. We started to enjoy following the basic rules of Ayurveda simply because we felt amazing, both physically and mentally. Our excitement went so far that we signed up for an Ayurvedic school. For 3 years we had been improving and applying all we learned about Ayurveda in practice. Our friends and family, of course, noticed and began to share their own hearth issues and asked for a help. Here, we realized that there is a lot of information about Ayurveda and it is easy to get lost.

In order to make it super smooth and effective for anyone to begin and to help themselves as quickly as possible we created “Ayurwheel” a simple Ayurvedic nutrition tool which follows the basic principles and helps you get better the moment you start to use it, without knowing much about the topic. In order to be healthy it is not enough just to want it. You need knowledge and to apply it in practice. Ayurwheel gives your all you need to know.

We invented the world's first Ayurvedic nutrition tool, which we offer in two languages. It has been a best-seller in Czech Republic and now we are reaching English speaking audience. Our class allow to start practicing Ayurveda within 10 minutes without the need of prior knowledge or experience with Ayurveda. We have realized that people are mainly interested in what Ayurvedic type they are, but when they find finally find out they often struggle to move on. We offer a simple, well organized and functional system of Ayurvedic nutrition via Ayurwheel. It puts together the most important Ayurvedic principles that are common to all of us. We also offer online nutritional counseling, cooking classes, video recipes and much more.

If I could do it you can do it too. Reaching your health independence has never been easier. Enroll today, and don’t delay your health any longer.

Ayurvedic Nutrition Masterclass: Ayurveda Beginner to Pro!
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