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Yoga for the Doshas

An Ayurvedic Application
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The Ayurvedic application of asana and pranayama to the 3 doshas - vata, pitta, and kapha
Correct and safe yoga sequences for the various seasons of the year and times of day (each governed by a different dosha)
A specific asana and pranayama practice to pacify vata
A specific asana and pranayama practice to pacify pitta
A specific asana and pranayama practice to pacify kapha

This series of yoga sequences specifically applies Ayurvedic understanding to our approach to postures and pranayama. No matter your constitution - or Prakriti - these sequences are relevant to all. Why? Because the various doshas - vata, pitta, and kapha - govern different seasons of the year and even times of the day. Hence you can use this knowledge to determine which sequence is most appropriate at any given time!

For example - apply the Pitta Pacifying practice in the thick of summer or the Vata Pacifying practice on a wild, windy, and cold Autumn day. Or, perhaps use the Kapha Pacifying practice as your morning wake up call to reduce the Kapha dominance present in nature between 6am - 10am (especially in the early Springtime).

Safe for all levels of experience, with options and variations given for more challenging postures, this series is timeless and universal.

Yoga and Ayurveda, often referred to as "Sister Sciences", really aren't siblings but are more appropriately part of the same philosophy and lifestyle application of seasonal living.

When we're in an imbalanced state ("dosha" is a Sanskrit word meaning "to spoil"), we will often be drawn towards that which promotes our imbalance (e.g. when we have a dominance of Kapha we may feel less motivated and slow, and therefore will opt for a yoga practice that allows for this... if we even find any motivation at all to get moving!). So do be aware of this tendency and conditioning when selecting with sequence to utilise.

You may decide to mix up and change each sequence daily, depending on the weather or your physical and mental state. Or, perhaps if you're managing a deep rooted symptom or disease, you may elect to choose the most beneficial sequence and stick with it for an extended duration to have the greatest benefits over time.

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Yoga for the Doshas
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