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Ayurveda: Fundamentals

A 4-week journey toward health and wellbeing for yoga practitioners
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The five elements
The three doshas
Doshas in nature, season and clock
The three gunas
The attributes
The six tastes
The digestive system
Role of spices
Morning ritual: why and how to use of neti post, tongue cleanser, self-massage
Evening ritual: why and how to create the routine
Seasonal ritual: why reset the body, mind and spirit with change of season
Tune with Nature
Relationship within
Relationship with others
Yoga practice according to your doshas: Asana, pranayama, and meditation

This course is designed to give you a solid understanding about the fundamentals of Ayurveda. you will learn how to implement them naturally in your daily life and share this knowledge with others.

Balancing our life on all levels - body, mind and soul - might feel overwhelming at time. Starting with diet, a balanced diet is important and it is the first step in overall wellbeing, but there is more. Ayurveda teaches how to attune yourself with the seasons, with the weather, and with your own personal self.

In this course you will learn what makes you YOU. what is is you unique constitution, or dosha type and how you can manage your health and wellbeing daily through diet, routines, yoga and self-study.

By the end of this course, it will all become common sense to you. You will be able to take your own decisions regarding your diet, how to exercise and practice yoga, and how to interact in the world. You will have developed self awareness to adjust your meals and activities, depending on how you feel day-to-day, moment-to-moment. You will also be able to stay in touch with your mind, emotions, and soul with simple routines that balance your dosha.

This 4-week course is interactive with weekly videos, downable planner and manual to accompany your transformational journey. It is more than just taking a class, it is a practical and experimental course for sustainable learning.

The course give you tools and time to achieve and keep the fundamentals of Ayurveda in you daily life.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a Yoga teacher or Yoga practitioner curious about Ayurveda.

  • You want to enhance your personal yoga practice.

  • You look for health promotion and disease prevention.

  • You are interested in Ayurveda but don't know where to start.

  • You want to be healthy, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ayurveda: Fundamentals
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