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Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul - Meeting the Earth Element

Ayurveda and Yoga Practices to Reduce Stress Symptoms and Syndromes
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Stress Reduction
Earth Element

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and may be the, yet, undiscovered gem of your daily Yoga practice. The subject matter of the 'Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul' courses is informative and practical Ayurvedic advice delivered via lectures, on-the-mat movement practices, reflection and written exercises.

Yoga is a practice which will help to still the wild fluctuations of the mind. Ayurveda is a practice which helps still the wild fluctuations of the Pranic body (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Blending these two can have profound effects on your Yoga practice! 

The Earth Element course will guide you through the foundational learning of Ayurveda and Yoga touching on subjects such as 'sthira/sukha' and 'prakrti and vkrti'. These are two foundations of yoga and ayurveda. One is finding a still and comfortable practice and the other is learning about Ayurvedic body-typing.

What You'll Get!

  • Day One -  Growing Roots -  A physical check in practice plus your daily reflective writing practice.

  • Day Two - Letting Go - A breathwork practice plus your daily reflective writing practice.

  • Day Three - Stillness and Heaviness - How to guide the body with quality/Guna plus your daily reflective writing practice.

  • Day Four - Vitality and Strength - Using the idea of Dosha and Ojas to guide movement plus a Prakrti and Vkrti download and your daily reflective writing practice.

  • Day Five - Apana Vayu in Practice - Using the Earth 'Wind' for good health plus your daily reflective writing practice.

  • Additional Content - Understanding how routine is key in bringing the security of the Earth Element into your day/year. Learn about dinacharya and rtucharya, Ayurveda's daily and seasonal routines for mind and body health and happiness! 

Within your daily on the mat practices you will be introduced to the Ayurvedic teachings of Prakrti (body-type) and Vkrti (imbalance of natural body-type) along with Prakrti and Vkrti questionnaires to assess your own body-type and imbalance and learn which daily routines suit your body-type best. You'll also learn the foundations of Ayurveda via the Ayurvedic Language of the Subtle Body (guna, dosha, ojas and vayu).

I am the founder of Five Element Fitness and the author of the Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul ebook.

I have a BA in Ayurvedic Studies and I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurvedic Therapist. I am a Senior Yoga Alliance teacher and have two yoga teacher training diplomas - Hatha Yoga and Seasonal Yoga.

I'd love to see you in class and share the wonderful practices of 'Ayurveda on the Mat'!


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

No prerequisites or requirements, just a desire to learn, practice and enjoy!

Who will enjoy this course?

Beginner Ayurveda and Beginner to Seasoned Yoga/fitness students

Those looking for stress reduction movement practices

Who is this course not suitable for?

This course is unsuitable during pregnancy. For all other physical conditions, please check with your primary health care provider (GP).

*Important Health Advisory

This course is not a substitute for medical care. Please consult your medical provider for concerns regarding your capacity to practice safely.

No form of exercise is entirely without risk. Each user of this programme should consult an appropriate health professional to determine if the exercises and information in this programme are appropriate for the user in light of his or her physical, medical and psychological condition.

For these reasons, the contributors, producers and distributors of this programme disclaim any responsibility or liability for loss, damage or injury that may result to the user.

Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul - Meeting the Earth Element
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