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AWS Web Apps, Networking, Auto Scaling, & Code Deploy

Networking, Load Balancing , Auto Scaling Groups and Deploying Code Using the AWS Code Deploy Service
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Running Windows Workloads in AWS and deploying code with AWS CodeDeploy

In this course I show you how to set up an autoscaled EC2 Web App environment behind a Load Balancer in AWS. Along the way, I also provide  in depth coverage of intermediate topics like setting up AWS Networking, Load Balancers , Auto Scaling Groups and deploying code using the AWS Code Deploy Service.

This course is an excellent path to experienced engineers coming from Azure or GCP to come to terms with AWS.

I do not expect you to have any experience on AWS. I will guide you step by step, right from setting up a free AWS trial account to setting up your AWS CLI on your desk top. I intend to bring up AWS beginners to an intermediate AWS level on what I call a Web App pattern. This  is an autoscaled EC2 load balanced environment with application code pushed to it via the code deploy service.

Please do join me in this course.

AWS Web Apps, Networking, Auto Scaling, & Code Deploy
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