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AWS tutorial for beginners: get confident with DynamoDB, using Python and Boto3, RDS

Learn AWS in-depth covering the essential bits of the subject – RDS and DynamoDB while doing every single action with Python code!
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How to use Python with RDS and DynamoDB for implementing any desired infrastructure on AWS
You'll practice coding against AWS API with Python and Boto3
How to launch RDS on AWS
How to launch NoSQL DynamoDB Tables on AWS
You'll get solid knowledge of AWS APIs

Let me guess: you clicked on the link to this course because you need to learn how to implement your structure on AWS? Congrats! You’re in the right place to learn that, as this Python AWS tutorial for beginners will teach you to do your task with Python using RDS and DynamoDB. It’s going to be lots of hands-on tasks, no dry PowerPoint slide presentation kind of course, so join in and learn DynamoDB, Boto3, AWS in a practical way entirely from scratch.

Reasons to take this Python AWS tutorial

Since cloud is no longer an experiment, getting a deep understanding of how to work with Amazon Web Services should be on any developer’s to-do list. “Learn AWS – highest priority.” Because AWS is by far the leading solution in the cloud computing market, and it’s the fastest-growing public cloud on Earth (I didn’t dare say in the World since we don’t know what’s going on in other galaxies, right?). For that reason, AWS skills have been among the top in-demand skills since 2015. And I guess it’s safe to imagine that it won’t decrease any time soon. Moneywise, recent Indeed reports show that AWS certified solutions architects can expect to earn around $121k salary growing upwards as your experience builds up. That’s a lot of money!

What you’re going to learn in this AWS Python tutorial
  • With this Python AWS tutorial for beginners, we’ll start from the beginning setting up all the necessary tools and environments. If you don’t have an AWS account, I’ll guide you through creating one, and then you’ll finish the first part with logging into AWS console and creating AWS credentials.
  • We’ll be using Python 3, and I recommend also using PyCharm. We’ll also need to prepare CLI with AWS credentials, as well as installing Boto3: there is a short Boto3 tutorial in this course. We’ll have two separate parts for Windows and Mac users since there’ll be some differences in the process. I’ll show you the tricks to have auto-complete capabilities with PyBoto3 on your PyCharm!
  • We’ll then be ready to start implementing the solutions on AWS. You’ll learn to launch your own Amazon RDS instances and how to backup your complete database instance. You’ll also practice recovering that snapshot so that you avoid failures of your database.
  • You’ll also get a short DynamoDB tutorial (Python scripts will be used here as well), namely that you’ll create your DynamoDB tables on AWS. In this stage, you’ll learn DynamoDB: work on providing a key schema, attributing definitions, and applying throughput to your DynamoDB tables.
  • We’re going to do every single action with Python code, no manual work included!
Quite a lot of gains, as from one Python AWS tutorial for beginners!

So, as you can see, there’s quite a lot of stuff that will be going on once you click on the button to enroll in this course. It’s going to be an informative and extremely practical AWS tutorial for you, including a DynamoDB tutorial, Boto3 tutorial, and RDS tutorial, and even more at the same time. Learn AWS and learn DynamoDB to conquer the modern industry with smart skills that you’ll be able to develop in this AWS Python tutorial. In just more than 3 hours, you’ll do a huge favor to yourself.

AWS tutorial for beginners: get confident with DynamoDB, using Python and Boto3, RDS
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