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Mastering AWS: Featuring SQS

An AWS SQS course that is easy to understand, produces real results, and covers the basics
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You will be able to discuss the sqs pricing structure
You will become confortable using sqs on the Console, Command Line Interface, or nodejs Software Development Kits
You will understand how to use the amazon sqs api
Lead amazon sqs tutorials at your workplace
Explain the difference between sqs and sns
Understand key terms like message retention period, visibility timeout, etc.
Create programs using aws sqs and nodejs
Create an sns topics and subscribe sqs queues to the sns topic

Did you know that Amazon Web Services first service is the Simple Queue Service (SQS)? Did you know that SQS can be scaled to meet the needs of a company of any size, including Amazon and travel sites?

This course, Mastering AWS Featuring SQS, will provide everything you need to apply SQS to your everyday life. This course begins at the very beginning, creating an aws account and creating a User. Next, we define both SQS and AWS. We then take a deep dive into SQS. This course discusses sqs pricing, sqs vs sns, sqs api, and much more. We then apply the fundamentals we’ve learned to programming with SQS.

We will program in the AWS management console, in the aws command line (aws cli), and using the aws node.js sdk. Each programming section provides three detailed sqs tutorials.

Using the AWS management console, we will create basic queues, queues with attributes, and queues with different configurations. Once these queues are created, we will send messages and observe the results. In addition, we will use SNS and SQS together to send messages to multiple queues.

After we’ve created and modified queues in the management console, we will step out game up by manipulating sqs on the command line. Using Cloud9 we will create an EC2 environment and create, modify and delete queues in the aws cli.

Next we create sqs queues using the aws node.js SDK. In conjunction with Cloud9, we will use an EC2 instance to create tags for our queues, list queues, create queues, and delete queues.

As a bonus, we will use the following AWS services to assist our learning of SQS: AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Simple Queue Service (SNS), AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), and AWS cloud9.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss SQS pricing
  • Discuss SQS key terms: visibility timeout, FIFO
  • Create an EC2 instance using Cloud9
  • Send messages t multiple recipients using SNS and SQS
  • Create SQS queues
  • Create SQS FIFO queues
  • Adjust SQS queue attributes
  • Send messages via the SQS queue
  • Delete SQS queues
  • Delete SQS messages

You should consider this course if you are:

  • Interested in Amazon Web Services most used Service,
  • Want to take a deep dive into SQS
  • Want to learn how to program on the CLI, management console, or use the node.js SDK
  • Want to learn how to use Cloud9
  • Want to create an AWS account
Mastering AWS: Featuring SQS
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