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AWS Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C02 Practice Exams

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams
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Make sure you pass 100% of the AWS AWS Solutions Architect-Associate SAA-C02 certification exam

We are 100% sure that you will pass the exam with the help of those practice questions. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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Want to test your exam readiness for the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate AND feel confident to pass your AWS certification exam first time? Then these ultimate AWS Solutions Architect Associate practice exams are for you! These 8 practice tests reflect the difficulty of the Amazon Web Services exam questions and are the most similar to the real AWS exam experience .

Our Practice conducted offline verification for  0-based candidates, and both of them have successfully passed the exam. See the picture below for the certificate


KEY TRAINING ADVICE: Although the actual AWS exam has a pass mark of 72%, we recommend that you repeatedly retake our AWS practice exams until you consistently score 80% or higher. We encourage you to put in the work and study the training notes in detail! Once you achieve the recommended score in the practice tests - you are ready to sit the exam and achieve a great score!

COVERING AWS FUNDAMENTALS: Through our AWS practice exams and AWS Training Notes, we cover the fundamentals of AWS Architecture and how to create performant, cost-optimized, and fault-tolerant applications. We also deep dive into individual services including Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Storage Gateway, Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, AWS IAM, AWS Lambda, Amazon RDS, Route 53, DynamoDB, RedShift, ElastiCache, Amazon Aurora, VPC, SQS, SNS, SWF, ElasticTranscoder, Amazon Kinesis, API Gateway, Direct Connect, Snowball, CloudWatch, CloudTrail and many more.

UNDERSTANDING AWS ARCHITECTURE: The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam is composed entirely of scenario-based questions that test your knowledge and experience working with Amazon Web Services. The key to success is to know in which situation you would use a specific AWS service, and what the cost, operational, security and performance implications are of different design choices. Understanding AWS Architecture choices comes through experience but our AWS practice exams are designed to help even beginners to answer these questions.

CONFORM WITH EXAM BLUEPRINT: Using our AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate practice exams can help to gain experience with the test question format and how the questions in the real AWS exam are structured. Unfortunately, there are many AWS practice tests in the market that do NOT match the format of the exam pattern. Rest assured that with our practice tests you will be adequately prepared for the real AWS exam.

DEEPEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Please note that though we match the AWS exam pattern, our AWS practice exams are not brain dumps. Please don’t expect to pass the real AWS certification exam by simply memorizing answers. Instead, we encourage you to use our AWS Solutions Architect practice exams to deepen your knowledge. This is your best chance to successfully pass your exam no matter what questions you are presented with in your real exam.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: AWS Training and AWS Certification is required in most IT job roles today. In fact, Amazon Web Services is the premier provider of cloud computing services. Our AWS Practice Tests and supporting AWS certification training resources have been created to help you to gain a competitive advantage and ensure that you pass your AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam with confidence.

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C02 Practice Exams
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