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AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate

Includes 2 Practice Tests - 130 Practice Test Questions
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Students will learn about all the various services offered by AWS
Students will learn how these services work together to build fault tolerant and highly available applications
Students can use the practice questions to get a hang of the type of questions which are asked in the exam
Will provide Students a better understanding when pursuing further certifications on the AWS Platform


Some of the great reviews for this course which really means you just have to take this course

1. Really good courses overall will really help you achieved your goal in AWS !!!!

2. Of the 4 courses I have on AWS on udemy, this is the best of them all. This course is packed with details. Great explanation of both concepts and theory followed by walk-through. Good use of visual diagrams, which are white-board drawn in a good visible size. Also mention of tips I found very useful, and good coverage of all the things required. I also found it engaging throughout.

3. Good job done Alan Rodrigues... It is very nice for the people who would like to appear for the exam.

The AWS Solution Architect is one of the most sought after certifications in the IT industry today. The average salary of an employee also increases after they have obtained the AWS Solution Architect Exam. Hence this certification  is looked upon as the crown jewels of certifications.

This Course is designed to help students pass their AWS Solution Architect Exam. This course has an in-depth look into all of the essential AWS services and how they work together. 

In order to design this course , the instructor has taken the re-certification on the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam MULTIPLE TIMES to ensure the right topics are discussed in the course.

The Lecture videos in the course is designed to provide a better one to one interaction with the student. The idea is that the student leaves with a better understanding of the concept before going into the demo chapters of the same concept.

The Course is split into Logical sections and has the desired flow that helps the student understand the interaction and connection between the different services offered by AWS. 

This Course has Lectures and Demo's on key AWS Services such as EC2 , Elastic Load balancer , Simple Notification Service, the Simple Queue Service , Cloudformation etc.

This Course is ideal for any Student who wants to take the latest AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam.

AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate
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