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AWS S3 Command Line

Learn how to manage Amazon Web Services S3 object storage
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Upload files to AWS S3
Upload folders with contents to AWS S3
Use filters to adjust AWS S3 behaviour
Download S3 objects to local and remote storage
Copy S3 buckets to local and remote storage
Move S3 objects between S3 buckets
Synchronise objects between S3 buckets and local storage
Adjust S3 object permissions
Backup assets for website and web systems
Write scripts for managing AWS S3 storage

 Welcome to the AWS S3 command line course from How To Code Well by Peter Fisher.

This 11 part course will teach you the fundamentals of managing AWS S3 buckets using the command line

Practical Hands On Approach

My approach with this course is very similar to my other courses and that is to offer practical real world examples of the subject. Each lesson will be based around a challenge which we will accomplish together in easy to follow steps.

Why Should I learn the AWS S3 command line?

If you master the AWS command line you will be come more efficient as a developer.  S3 operations will become much faster as you will not be relying on the Amazon Web Services GUI

AWS S3 Command Line
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