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AWS S3 - Be the best

Become an Expert in AWS S3! Learn Amazon S3 interaction with Lambda, Athena, CloudFront,VPC Endpoint
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AWS S3 - Complete Guide to be the best in Amazon S3
Learn how S3 interacts with other AWS services
Learn how to use security and compliance on data in S3
Using Lambda with Amazon S3
Using Athena and S3 Select with S3
Website hosting with S3 and CloudFront

Learn to be a pro in AWS S3 with this course

You will learn from the basic concepts in AWS S3 to the advanced concepts and beyond. You will learn about how S3 interacts with other AWS services. You will also gain skills on the storage classes to use, querying data, improving performance and saving costs.

Learning AWS S3 is one of the fastest ways to dive into AWS and cloud technology and to improve your career as AWS is one of the most demand technology. In this course, you will quickly learn the basics and then move on to the more advanced concepts.

AWS S3 - Be the best
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