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Amazon CloudWatch in 60 Minutes: Monitor your AWS resources

Learn from Releaseworks Cloud Engineers: How to aggregate logs and monitor your AWS infrastructure and applications.
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How to monitor AWS resources like EC2 instances, Application Load Balancers, ECS clusters and more
How to aggregate logs from your applications into Amazon CloudWatch
How to use Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics to monitor key transactions in your application
How to use Amazon CloudWatch ServiceLens to make troubleshooting of your application stack easier
How to use Python and Boto3 to read data from the Amazon CloudWatch API
How to use Python and Boto3 to send Custom Metrics into Amazon CloudWatch

Learn from industry-leading DevOps and Cloud Engineers at Releaseworks:

In the next 60 minutes, you will learn the core features of CloudWatch like Metrics, Logs, Events, Alarms, ServiceLens and Synthetics, and how to use them in practice. We will also cover the basic usage of the CloudWatch API with Python and the Boto3 library.

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is the leading cloud platform in the world. Amazon CloudWatch is the native monitoring and log aggregation platform in AWS. Amazon CloudWatch enables you to monitor both infrastructure and applications running in AWS and provides a multitude of useful features to gather, analyze, and visualize operational data.

Amazon CloudWatch Fundamentals includes 8 labs to help you practice along with the instructor, and learn by doing.

This course will teach you how to create monitoring dashboards for your AWS resources, and configure alarms when there is an issue that needs your attention. We will walk you through using ServiceLens to monitor the health of your applications beneath the surface, and creating canary scripts with CloudWatch Synthetics to enable better monitoring of your application and API endpoints.

To help you take your knowledge to the next level, we will also teach you how to use simple Python scripts to integrate with the open CloudWatch API for reading data and sending Custom Metrics into Amazon CloudWatch.

Finally, we will teach you the best practices of alerting, based on our experience working with a number of critical systems and software development teams.

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Amazon CloudWatch in 60 Minutes: Monitor your AWS resources
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