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AWS IaaS Solutions Architect - Associate 2020

Mastering AWS Solution Architect 2020
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Introduction to AWS Cloud
AWS Global Infrastructure
AWS Managed and Unmanaged Service
AWS EC2_Demo
AWS EC2_Login
AWS EC2_WebServer_Demo
Elastic IP Demo
Managing VPC Manually
High Availability
ELB Demo
Event Driven Scaling
Autoscaling Launch Configuration - Demo
Autoscaling Group - Demo
Autoscaling Result
Amazon S3 and Glacier - Demo
Amazon IAM
Amazon IAM - Demo
Amazon S3 and Glacier
VPC Peering
VPC Peering - Demo
Amazon Cloud Formation
Amazon Cloud Formation - Demo

This course teaches IT Professionals to understand basic architectural principles of building Datacenter on the AWS Cloud, understanding of the AWS global infrastructure, Ability to identify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement, Hands-on experience using computer, networking, storage, and High Availability on AWS services, Hands-on experience with AWS deployment and management of services

Through this course you will learn the AWS Cloud concepts which required to manage your organization's AWS cloud infrastructure. This course contains combination both of theory and practical. Through the theoretical part you will understand the AWS services and its concepts. Through the practical you will get the practical demonstration, which will give you enough knowledge to design, implement, configure and manage your organization's AWS cloud infrastructure.

This course is designed for IT Professionals, Freshers and Students with basic knowledge and also for experienced one.


The Learners will gain strong knowledge on:

Introduction to AWS Cloud

Understanding AWS Global Infrastructure

Understanding AWS Managed and Unmanaged Service

Understanding AWS VPC

AWS Network Security Group

Understanding AWS EC2

Understanding and Managing Elastic IP

Understanding AWS Elastic Block Store

Managing VPC Manually

Understanding High Availability

Understanding Elastic Load Balancer

Creating and Managing ELB

Understanding Event Driven Scaling

Creating and Managing Autoscaling

Understanding Amazon S3 and Glacier

Creating and Managing Amazon S3

Understanding Amazon IAM

Understanding VPC Peering

Creating and Managing VPC Peering

Understanding Amazon Cloud Formation

Deploying Resources using Amazon Cloud Formation

AWS IaaS Solutions Architect - Associate 2020
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