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AWS Hands-on Labs 2021: Step-by-step for Beginners *NEW*

Learn how to build and design your own architectures with AWS using the best practices taught in these hands-on labs!
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Hands-on Practice in AWS Management Console & Command Line
Step-by-step cloud design architecture for beginners
Correlating the architecture design & AWS services on each step
Learn to deploy the common AWS services like EC2, ALB, VPC, S3, etc
Design Highly Available and Scaleable Websites on AWS

Are you looking for hands-on practice on AWS?

You have scoured the internet but can't find a proper step-by-step instructional guide with the latest architecture designs on how to create a solution in the AWS cloud?

Are you preparing yourself for an AWS Associate level certification and need to perform some easy to follow labs to brush up your knowledge and skills?

Then this is the course for you!

Why choose this course?

  • Each service in the hands-on labs is created step-by-step, and then added on the design architecture to reflect it.

  • Using the new AND latest AWS Architecture Icons from the past year on the designs. Majority of the other courses still show the outdated AWS architecture icons from few years ago.

  • Labs are performed using the new style of console interfaces on AWS Management Console as of mid / late 2020 (e.g Auto-scaling Groups, RDS, Security Groups, Target Groups, SNS Topics, Launch Template, etc), since the old console style is being deprecated.

  • The common best practices are shown during the labs to create highly available, resilient and scalable architectures.

  • Everything you do in the hands-on labs will be free of cost as it will be within Free-Tier limits, except for only couple of services for which the total cost will be less than 50 cents (USD).

Summary of hands-on labs covered in this course:

  1. Two EC2 instances in Two Availability Zones, behind an Application Load Balancer

  2. EC2 Auto-scaling group over two Availability Zones, behind an Application Load Balancer

  3. Increase security by introducing Private subnets for EC2 instances, Bastion Host, NAT Gateway and VPC Gateway Endpoint for S3.

  4. Two EC2 Web Server instances (Apache) behind an Application Load Balancer. PHP web application connected to a back-end Multi-AZ RDS (Relational Database) for data storage. Similar to LAMP stack.

The hands-on labs will touch upon the below major services and concepts:

  • Regions and Availability Zones

  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

  • Private Subnet / Public Subnet

  • Security Groups / NACL (Network Access Control Lists)

  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) / Launch Templates / AMIs

  • ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) / ALB (Application Load Balancer)

  • Auto-Scaling Groups

  • S3 (Simple Storage Service)

  • NAT Gateway

  • VPC Gateway Endpoint

  • RDS (Relational Database Service)

  • Multi-AZ RDS Deployment

  • SNS (Simple Notification Service)

AWS Hands-on Labs 2021: Step-by-step for Beginners *NEW*
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