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AWS DVA-C01 Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam

Attend this AWS DVA-C01 Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam
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Sample Questions

Q) A Developer is migrating an on-premises web application to the AWS Cloud. The application currently runs sh on a 32-processor server and stores session state In memory. On Friday afternoons the server runs at 75% CPU utilization, but only about 5% CPU utilization at other times. Show should the Developer change to code to better take advantage of running in the cloud?

a) Compress the session state data in memory

b) Store session state on EC2 instance Store 1

c) Encrypt the session state data In memory

d) Store session state in an Elastic Cache cluster.

Q) An organizations application needs to monitor application specific events with a standard AWS service. The service should capture the number of logged in users and trigger events accordingly. During peak times. monitoring frequency will occur every 10 seconds. What should be done to meet these requirements?

a) Create an Amazon SNS notification

b) Create a standard resolution custom Amazon Cloud Watch log

c) Create a high resolution custom Amazon Cloud Watch metric

d) Create a custom Amazon Cloud Trail log.

Q) A Developer is writing an application that runs on EC2 instances and stores 2 GB objects in an S3 bucket. The Developer wants to minimize the time required to upload each item. Which API should the Developer use to minimize upload time?

a) Multipart Upload

b) Batch Get Item

c) Batch Write Item

d) Put item

A Developer is building an application that needs access to an 53 bucket. An IAM role is created with the required permissions to access the S3 bucket. Which API call should the Developer use in the application so that the code can access to the 53 bucket?

IAM: Access Role

STS: Get Session Token

IAM: Get Role Access

STS: Assume Role

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