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AWS Devops Engineer Proffesional Certified Practice Test

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Sample Questions:

You have an application that consists of a group of instances in EC2 Auto Scaling. Among a particular period of time each day, there is an increase in traffic to your website. So users complain of poor application response time. You have configured your Auto Scaling Group to implement a new EC2 instance when the CPU usage is above 60% for two consecutive periods of five minutes. What is less convenient way to solve this problem?

Reduce the number of consecutive periods of detection

Increase the minimum number of cases in the Auto Scaling Group

Decrease the collection period of ten minutes

Reduce the threshold percentage of use cu to deploy a new instance


You have decided that you need to change the type of instance of production instances that are running as part of a group of Auto Scaling. The entire architecture is distributed using Cloud Formation template. You currently have 4 production instances. You can not have any service interruption and the need to ensure two instances are always running during the upgrade? Which of the following listed options can be used for this?

Auto Scaling update rolling

Auto Scaling scheduled Action Auto Scaling update Replacement

Auto Scaling Update Integration


At the moment is the following configuration AWS 1) an elastic Load Ba lancer 2) Auto scaling group that launches CE instances 3) A mis with per-installed code You want to deploy updates to your application only a certain number of users. You want to have a cost effective solution. You should also be able to return quickly. Which of the following is the most feasible solutions?

Create a second ELB. Auto Scale. Create the AMI with the new application. Use a new launch configuration. Using the route 53 round robin record calibrated to adjust the percentage of traffic that affects both Elbs.

Create new AMI with the new application. Then use the new EC2 instances in half proportion to older instances.

Redistribute with versions AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Elastic Beanstalk. Using the path 53 records Weighted round robin to adjust the percentage of traffic that affects the two ELB5

Create a second stack full of instances, cut the DNS to the new stack of cases, and change the ONS back if you need a rollback.


The application is running on Amazon EC2 instances behind a load balancer. The management decided to use a blue / green distribution strategy. How should this be implemented for each distribution? Please select:

Set Amazon Route 53 sanitary controls for failover from any Amazon EC2 instance that is currently being delivered to.

Using AWS Cloud Formation, create a stack test to validate the code, and then distribute the code for each production instance of Amazon EC2.

Create a new load balancing with new Amazon EC2 instances, making the distribution, and then switch to the new DNS load balancing using Amazon Route 53 after the test.

Launch the Amazon EC2 instances to ensure high availability. de-register each Amazon EC2 instance by load balancing, upgrade it and test it. and then re-register with the load balancing.


You have an application running a specific process that is critical to the functionality of the application, and have been added to the health check process for your Auto Scaling group. Instances are showing healthy, but the same application does not work as it should. What could be the problem with the health check, since it is still showing instances as healthy.

You do not have the time interval configured in the health properties

It is not possible for a health check to monitor a process that involves the application

The health check is not configured correctly

The health check is not controlling the application process


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