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AWS Devops Bootcamp by School of Devops®

Learn to build a scalable, fault tolerant, self healing infrastructure on AWS cloud and secure it
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What is Cloud Computing and AWS Essential Services
Networking on cloud, building secure infrastructure with Virtual Private Cloud
Setting up users and roles, defining access policies using IAM
Launching and operating servers on cloud with EC2
Leveraging managed database services with RDS
Setting up highly available, redundant and scalable storage with S3
Dynamically provisioning capacity with Autoscaling and ELBs
Auxiliary services such as Cloudformation, SES, SNS etc.

With its launch in the first decade of this century, Amazon Web Services, commonly abbreviated as AWS, has transformed most aspects our lives. If you look around, you may notice most of our data, social profiles, photographs, even the most essential files are stored, synchronised and shared via cloud. Almost every application that you use on your mobile is connected to the cloud in some ways. And AWS has been at the forefront of this transformation. Cloud has brought the utility model to computing by lowering the capital expenses, entry barrier and truly enabling anyone to try out their ideas with the minimal risk.

Amongst the public cloud providers, AWS leads the space with a significant margins, and that is the reason why if you would like to get started with Cloud Computing, its the AWS that we recommend as the first platform to learn. And if you have knowledge of AWS, you would find comfortable using most of the other cloud platforms as the fundamentals are the same with parallel set of services .
List of services offered by AWS is just overwhelming. This course is meant to be a quick introduction to Cloud Computing, AWS and the most essential services offered by it. This course starts with the foundations of cloud, introduces you to AWS platform, and helps you start building your infrastructure on cloud from grounds up. It covers most commonly used services such as,

- Identity and Access Management (IAM)
- Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
- Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
- Relational Database Service (RDS)
- Simple Storage Service (S3)
- Autoscaling and Cloudwatch

AWS Devops Bootcamp by School of Devops®
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