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AWS CLF-C01 Certified Cloud Practice Exam

Attend this AWS CLF-C01 Certified Cloud Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam
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Sample Questions

Q) Do you have a web application hosted in EC2, for example, that you want to send messages based on events. Which of the following services can help to send messages? multiple-choice




d) AWS EC2

e) None

Q) What is a document that gives an official statement of one or more permissions? multiple-choice

a) politics

b) resolution

c) Role

d) Resource

e) None

Q) That serves as a firewall to control traffic allowed to reach one or more times? multiple-choice

a) Security ~~ POS = TRUNC

b) ACL

c) I AM

d) I AM

e) None

Q) Referring the following advantages of AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)? 2 Select the correct answer from the  options below multiple-choice

a) Automated patch and backup

b) You can change the size of the tank under the

c) It allows you to store unstructured data

d) It allows you to store No SQL data

e) None

AWS CLF-C01 Certified Cloud Practice Exam
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