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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Masterclass

Want to pass the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Exam? Want to become Amazon Web Services Certified? Do this course!
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Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2020 Exam
Become Intimately Familiar With The AWS Platform
Become A Cloud Guru
Design Highly Resilient and Scaleable Websites on AWS
Become Amazon Certified
Secure your root account
Set up a billing alarm through CloudWatch and SNS in order to avoid any unintended expenses
Create an S3 bucket, upload a file in to it, try out Versioning
Create a CloudFront distribution and serve an S3 file through it
Launch an EC2 instance and run a web page on it
Create a CloudWatch dashboard
Create an RDS instance
Take backups
Restore an instance from a manual snapshot
Enable Multi - AZ deployments
Create a read replica
Register a domain name with Route 53
Configure all the different routing policies available
Build a custom VPC
Set up a VPN over a Direct Connect connections
Create an Application Load Balancer
See how ELB Health Checks work
Build an EC2 Auto Scaling Group
Build a HA WordPress site
Use CloudFormation by creating an EC2 instance set up template
Build a CloudFromation template for the HA WP Site project’s realization through IaC
Build an SQS queue and an SNS topic
Build and deploy an API using API Gateway
Make a serverless webpage using IAM, S3, DynamoDB, API Gateway and Lambda
Build a simple Alexa skill
Ace the AWS certification exam

Are you looking for AWS Training?

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course is different from the other ones you'll find on Udemy. Dare I say, better (but you'll judge!)

  • It covers in-depth all the new topics on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam

  • It's packed with practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and out as a solutions architect

  • It's a logical progression of topics, not a laundry list of random services

No programming knowledge needed and no prior AWS experience required. With this AWS certification under your belt, you will be in high demand by many employers and you can command a superior salary.

What will you learn in this course to land you your first AWS role?

  1. We will start with Identity Access Management or IAM. We will understand S3.

  2. We will understand what AWS’ most important service, EC2 is.

  3. We will understand what are databases.

  4. We look into Route53, AWS’ DNS management service.

  5. We will understand AWS’ Virtual Private Cloud or VPC.

  6. We will look into the high availability architecture features provided byAWS.

  7. We will get familiar with some other useful AWS applications.

  8. And, we will also understand server-less architecture

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is fast becoming the must have certificates for any IT professional working with AWS. This course is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) - Associate Exam. Even if you have never logged in to the AWS platform before, by the end of our AWS training you will be able to take the CSA exam.

In this course we will start with a broad overview of the AWS platform and then deep dive into the individual elements of the AWS platform. You will explore Route53, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, RDS, RedShift, DynamoDB, EMR, VPC etc.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Masterclass
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