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AWS Certified Security – Specialty

Enable security as part of your AWS architecture & prepare your response to security events like a security professional
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Get familiar with specialized data classifications and AWS data protection mechanisms
Understand data-encryption methods and use AWS mechanisms to implement them
Secure internet protocols and use AWS mechanisms to implement them
Master AWS security services and their features to provide a secure production environment
Gain production deployment experience using AWS security services and features
Take into consideration the cost of different security features and the overall impact on architectures in terms of complexity

The AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification gives AWS architects not only essential know-how, but also a strong foundation on which to build security into AWS architectures at every level. This course will teach you to apply security at all AWS layers, including encrypting and protecting data at rest and in transit and how to prepare for (and respond to) security events.

In this course, you'll learn how to secure your data and your AWS services/resources at multiple levels using a defense-in-depth approach. You'll learn how to protect your AWS credentials and resources using Identity and Access Management. You'll capture and analyze logs using CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and Athena. Finally, you'll learn how to implement network and instance security, encrypt data at rest and in transit and set up data backup, replication, and recovery.

By the end of this course, you'll be ready to control access to your AWS resources granularly. You will develop the skills to ace the exam for the Security Solutions certification.

If you're a cloud professional wanting to ace the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification, or a cloud professional looking to build security layers into every AWS deployment to protect data at rest and in transit, then this course will be your go-to resource to achieve success.

About the Author

Bruno Almeida is a Principal Architect & Technology Advisor. He is based in Helsinki (Finland) and works in areas such as cloud, security, DevOps, AI, and data engineering.

As a consultant, Bruno helps businesses of all sizes and in various industries unlock their potential using cloud technologies. Having worked in the cybersecurity industry himself for over 7 years, he knows well the value and importance of good security practices in DevOps and public clouds.

Throughout his career, he has worked in a wide range of positions from senior management to deeply technical roles. Bruno is passionate about culture and digital transformation and has been involved in several projects from both the human (leadership, coaching, mentoring) and technical (cloud, DevOps, AI) perspectives.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty
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