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AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty: 3 PRACTICE EXAMS

Ace the AWS certification MLS-C01 with FULL-LENGTH practice exams created by AWS CERTIFIED Machine Learning SPECIALIST
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Professionals preparing for AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty Exam get access to two full-length authentic practice exams.
Validate your knowledge to face questions on key examinations topics such as S3, Kinesis Glue, Data Ingestion, Feature Engineering, Amazon SageMaker : Notebook; Training; Hyperparameters; Inference; Security and Deployment , Deep Learning Fundamentals
Know your improvement areas for each of the four sections - Data Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis, Modeling, and Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

Want to ace the AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty (MLS-C01) exam? This is THE practice exam course to give you the winning edge. Considered to be the toughest of all AWS certification exams, the MLS-C01 tests you in three areas - AWS specific concepts, Deep Learning fundamentals and real-world experience of building solutions by bridging AWS services with Deep Learning solutions.


Update - October, 2020

Revised 25 questions across these Practice Exams that were heavy on the technical details such as SageMaker parallelizable algorithms, acceptable input data formats etc and replaced those questions with use-case/scenario based questions to reflect the latest pattern of the real AWS Certified ML Specialty Exam.


Our AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty practice exams are CLOSEST to the actual exam. Please see these testimonials from our students who have aced the real exam:



5 stars - Nice set of practice exams with good explanations. Helped me a lot in passing the exam with 950. Thanks! - Fang W.

5 stars - I generally dont give a rating but this is really awesome. I just passed the exam and this materials really helped me to pass it with 95% score. - Arjun S.

5 stars - From all the AWS Machine Learning tests I've taken, this one is probably one of the hardest but also the most useful. Answers and corrections are carefully crafted and they link to tons of useful resources that I've used in my learning path. Thanks for your work. - Eric.

5 stars - These practice tests really help you analyze your readiness to take the main exam. I found out that I had gaps in my knowledge and was able to go back and fill the gaps. - George N.

5 stars - Pretty good set of Questions. Showed me where I was weak and where to improve. Additionally the links in the review are very useful and accelerates the learning curve. - Senthil G.


The two full-length practice exams have 65 questions each; a time duration of 3 hours each and mimic the actual exam in terms of complexity of questions, topic distribution and the presentation style. Each of the two practice exams spans the four domains of Data Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis, Modeling, and Machine Learning Implementation and Operations. These exams consist of probing questions on AWS SageMaker and other AI services such as Lex, Transcribe, Rekognition, Comprehend and Personalize. Just like the real exam, there are scenario based questions on Big Data services such as Glue, Athena, S3 and Kinesis Family. These exams are the ultimate litmus test for you to assess your preparation, identify your areas of improvement and prepare a strategy to conquer the actual exam on the D-day.

How do we know the exam pattern for sure?

We aced both the AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty (MLS-C01) and the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00) in the first try and would love to share the same preparation mindset as well as the exam practice material to help you succeed in the first try.

You should attempt multiple iterations for both the practice exams till you achieve 90% plus score with an inside-out understanding of the underlying concepts. Remember, this is NOT a brain dump but a thorough assessment of your ability to apply ML concepts in real world applications using AWS services. The answer keys for each practice exam have detailed explanations along with reference links so you can reinforce your learning. Also included is a 10-question mini practice exam to warm you up and help you get in the zone to attempt the full length practice exams. Once you are confident of your readiness, only then you should go ahead and write the actual exam, else you are just handing over the steep exam fee to the testing provider.

All the practice exams in this course have been put together by our expert - Abhishek Singh - who runs a successful ML and Big Data Consultancy and has advised multiple clients in the US to architect and implement their ML and Big Data Solutions using the AWS suite of services. Overall, Abhishek has over a decade of experience working on a diverse range of Enterprise Technologies based on Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics. Abhishek is also an AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist, AWS Certified Big Data Specialist and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. You can view Abhishek's AWS certifications on his LinkedIn profile (please see his instructor profile for a link to his LinkedIn profile)

Purchasing this practice exam course is a NO-BRAINER compared to the official AWS Practice Exam as this comes at a bargain price with almost 6X questions. Additionally, this practice exam course comes with a 30 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so go ahead and buy NOW!

AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty: 3 PRACTICE EXAMS
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