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AWS Machine Learning Specialty Practice 2021

Prepare well for your AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification
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This full practice exam is intended to help you prepare for the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam. I have created those questions right after I passed the actual certification exam. I have prepared these questions to cover all the areas and their corner cases.

Realistic practice exam based on the most recent AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam.

  • Just like the actual exam this practice test has

    • Test 1: 30 questions

    • Test 2: 65 questions and takes 170 minutes

  • Questions are mapped based on the actual exam domains:

    • Data Engineering

    • Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Modeling

    • Machine Learning Implementation and Operations.

  • Suggested background knowledge

    • Data Engineering

      • AWS services:

        • Glue, EMR ( Apache Spark, Hive metastore),  Athena

        • Kinesis family (Streams, data analytics, firehose, video streams)

        • S3, QuickSight

        • Data/File formats (Avro, Parquet, CSV, protobuf recordIO)

    • Exploratory Data Analysis

      • Handling missing values (Imputation: median, mean, most frequent, using ML model)

      • Feature scaling

      • Feature engineering

      • Handling outliers

      • One-hot encoding

      • Binning

      • Text preprocessing

    • Modeling

      • supervised machine learning ( Classification and Regression Algorithms)

      • unsupervised machine learning ( K-Means clustering, PCA)

      • Hyperparameter tuning ( supervised machine learning, deep learning)

      • Performance metrics ( accuracy, RMSE, F1 score, AUC, ROC, Precision, Recall)

      • Tuning deep learning networks ( how to prevent overfitting)

      • AWS ML services: Lex, Polly, Transcribe, Translate, Comprehend

      • SageMaker built-in algorithms: BlazingText, Object2Vec, DeepAR, LDA, Linear Learner, etc.

    • ML Implementation and Operations

      • Amazon SageMaker train and deploy a model

        • Inference pipeline, batch transform, inference endpoints, production variants, hosting services

      • Amazon SageMaker security (data encryption at rest and in transit)

      • Distributed training on Amazon SageMaker ( Using GPUs)

      • AWS SageMaker roles

      • Bring your own model container ( e.g. developed using scikit-learn)

      • Customize SageMaker built-in algorithm containers

      • How to develop and deploy deep learning models on frameworks such as Tensoflow, MXNeT

AWS Machine Learning Specialty Practice 2021
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