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AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Practice Exam 2021

Test your readiness for one of the toughest AWS certifications (DAS-C01) with a full-length, realistic practice exam.
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Determine readiness for the AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty Exam
Test your knowledge on Collection, Storage and Data Management, Processing, Analysis and Visualization, and Security
Learn what sorts of questions to expect on the real certification exam
Get comfortable with the length and format of the real exam

NEW for 2021: Expanded answer explanations, and an additional proofreading and accuracy pass.

Nervous about the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exam? You should be! It's one of the toughest certification exams AWS offers, as it not only tests AWS-specific knowledge, but your practical experience in big data and data analytics in general. It's tough to know what to expect on the exam before going in.

This practice exam offers a realistic, full-length simulation of what you can expect in the AWS DAS-C01 exam. It's not a "brain dump," but a complete, 65-question, 3-hour practice exam with original questions of the same style, topics, difficulty, and breakdown of the real exam. It's a great test of your readiness before you decide to invest in the real exam, and a great way to see what sorts of topics the exam will touch on. We also include a 24-question warmup test that will give you a rough idea of your readiness in just a half an hour.

The author of this exam, Frank Kane, is a popular "big data" instructor on Udemy who passed the AWS Certified Data Analytics exam himself on the first try, and he's assembled a team of other certified data analytics professionals to help create it. Frank spent over 9 years working at Amazon itself in Seattle, as a senior manager specializing in some of Amazon's early machine learning and big data development.

Just like the real exam, this practice exam tests five different domains:

  • Collection

  • Storage and Data Management

  • Processing

  • Analysis and Visualization

  • Security

You'll need deep and broad knowledge of Glue, Redshift, Kinesis, Lambda, EMR, S3, Quicksight, and more to successfully pass this exam - just like the real one. And you'll also need to know how to use AWS Security services and tools to build data analytics systems that are secure.

But AWS knowledge is not enough to pass this practice exam, or the real thing! Most questions are based on real-world scenarios, and test your ability to apply your knowledge to specific problems. Every question includes an explanation of the correct answer as well.

Don't risk hundreds of dollars and hours of your time on the AWS Certified Data Analytics Exam until you're sure you're ready for it. This practice exam is a good test of that readiness, and a good taste of what to expect. It's worth the effort - this AWS certification is one of the most elite ones out there right now!

NOTE: This is NOT the same exam included in our AWS Certified Data Analytics prep course; it is an entirely new, additional one available for further practice.

Enroll now, and get some extra peace of mind as you head into your testing center.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Practice Exam 2021
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