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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | Best 6 Practice Exam 2021

6 Practice Exam set | Certification | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | Practice Tests | CCP | Test Questions | CLF-C01
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PASS the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam [CLF-C01] on the FIRST attempt
Get familiar with the examination pattern by 6 Practice tests and 390 questions with Unlimited attempts
Get the experience of similar feel of real examination simulation
Understand question complexities and category distribution
Easily understandable explanations on both Correct and Incorrect answers
Official AWS website and document reference link on every explanation

TIME is MONEY - The well-known Proverb

When you have planned to take the certification test for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner [CLF-C01], probably you already took a big step towards sharpening your skillset by accommodating a chunk of precious time from your extremely busy schedule. Once you work hard preparing yourself for the exam making full utilization of your time, the next big challenge you must face – “Am I really prepared for the exam??”

Well, what if there is a way to evaluate your preparation prior to the real examination day, that can save you from the clock restart or starting all-over-again with an additional investment of TIME and MONEY.

Here comes this course for your rescue. You can evaluate your preparation with real-alike AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exams, designed especially to help you to PASS in the FIRST ATTEMPT.

The course includes 6 full-length practice tests with 65 random questions in each of the test sets, in-depth answers-explanations for both correct and incorrect answers for every single question along with Official AWS study material reference for your further study.


GET IT EARLY - Get this course once you have planned your examination tentative date

INTERMEDIATE EVALUATION - Take the first one or two tests once you think you are prepared enough for the real examination and evaluate where you really stand at the whole preparation. It will also help you to figure out if any of the knowledge areas needs revision

TAKE TEST SEQUENTIALLY – It is always recommended to take the test sequentially because this has been designed with gradual complexity and variation. Every time you finish one test and analyze your test result (mainly incorrect attempts), you will get randomized questions and answer choices during the next attempt. With each re-evaluation, you will become more prepared and confident for the certification exam.

FOLLOW SCIENTIFIC DISTRIBUTION - Depending on the importance of the knowledge area and their question probability, questions have been distributed in each practice test set. This saves your effort from spending time on unnecessary or irrelevant knowledge segments.

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN - All these 6 practice tests are an almost exact simulation of the real test environment. So, after practicing all of them your brain will master the examination structure, which will tremendously help you to successfully pass the actual exam without any exam stress

KNOW WHY NOT - Detailed explanations have been provided for each and every Correct and Incorrect option. Because it is extremely important to understand why your attempt is incorrect

ORIGINAL AWS REFERENCE - The original AWS reference links have been provided for every correct answer, so you can clear your additional doubts from the most trusted reference

TARGET 85% SCORE - The practice test has been made based on real examination knowledge and detailed analysis, but it is not a direct copy of the actual AWS examination. So it is recommended to score 85% or higher before taking the actual examination


HUGE INVENTORY - Provides 6 Full-length practice tests with around 400 questions, categorized scoring which will help you evaluate your preparation in each of the  individual knowledge areas

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN - This course has been designed by Certified AWS professionals having immense industrial and educational knowledge

APPROVED CONTENT - The course is already certified by offline students who cleared the examination in the first attempt

SCIENTIFICALLY ANALYSED - The questions have been identified, distributed and categorized based on detailed scientific analysis

COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE BUILDING - This course not only prepares you for the examination but also clear your doubts which will help you to build in-depth subject knowledge

SPECIFIC OFFICIAL REFERENCE - Provide Official AWS document whitepaper and website reference for detailed study in case you need a better or detailed understanding

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | Best 6 Practice Exam 2021
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