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AWS BDS-C00 Certified Big Data Speciality Practice Exam

AWS BDS-C00 Certified Big Data Speciality Practice Exam || Get Certification
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AWS BDS-C00 Certified Big Data Speciality

Sample Questions

Q) You need to load a lot of data once a week from your on-premise datacenter on to AWS Redshift. Which of the below AWS-Managed Cloud Data Migration Tools can be used for this data transfer in simple, fast, and secure way. Choose 2 answers from the options given below. Please select:

a) Data Pipeline

b) Direct Connect

c) Snowball

d) Import/Export to AWS

Q) Which of the below components of a Red shift cluster, if down, can render the Red shift cluster as unavailable? Please select:

a) Master Node

b) Core Node

c) Leader Node

d) Compute Node

Q) There is a requirement to perform SQL querying along with complex queries on different backend data that include Red shift, My SQL Hive on EMR. H3, and PostgreSQL Which of the below tool can run queries on all the different platforms for your daily adhoc analysis? Please select:

a) EMR

b) Presto S

c) Quick Sight

d) Athena

Q) You need to filter and transform incoming messages coming from a smart sensor you have connected with AWS. Once messages are received, you need to store them as time series data in Dynamo DB. Which AWS service can you use?

a) loT Message broker

b) loT Rules Engine

c) loT Device Shadow

d) loT Device Shadow service

Q) You run a data processing EMR Hadoop job once for several hours a day then terminate it after job done. \The EMR cluster is running in AWS that uses EMRFS on S3 for the data. The data in S3 is constantly changing and you need to ensure the updated data Is reflected In EMRFS? You also want to the keep the data after the EMR cluster terminated. How can this be achieved?

a) Consider using EBS Volumes to store the data instead.

b) Consider using Instance storage with cluster termination protection.

c) Enable versioning on the S3 bucket.

d) Enable Consistent Views

e) Enable recycling on the EMR cluster

AWS BDS-C00 Certified Big Data Speciality Practice Exam
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