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Absolutely Awesome Abs With Advanced Exercises For The Core

Ab exercises that will rock your core. Core workouts using body weight, machines, weights, platform, and much more.
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Students will have many different core exercises
Integrate core training into other ordinary workouts
Learn about nutrition
Develop and implement a nutrition plan

This course is for anyone that wants challenging core exercises for better fitness.  Exercise demonstration done by personal trainers and former college athletes. Different modalities are use to give the student variety and challenge.  Voice over is used to make sure core exercises are done correctly.  You can follow along or watch them all and pick out the ones you want to do.  

The bonus materials include nutrition, client circuits, beginner exercises of all types and more.  I have used the exercises  with hundreds of clients from beginners to advanced.  You will learn how to have a stable, strong core that can give you that defined, flat look you always dreamed of.  Results are guaranteed and focused on you!

Absolutely Awesome Abs With Advanced Exercises For The Core
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