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Awesome Lead Guitar 1

Learn the basics of lead guitar- scales, improvisation and techniques
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Improvise lead guitar solos in different keys
Use various techniques correctly for different effects
Know which scales to use in which keys, and why
Play and use the most common lead guitar scales

In this course, you will learn the basics of modern lead guitar playing. I'll take you through the main techniques you should know, and how to do them the correct way. Then, I'll show you the most common scales (pentatonic, major, minor...) and you'll learn where and when to use each one.

For each technique and scale there is also an example solo, demonstrating the scale or technique in a real life context. Then there is an extended backing track which you can use to practise your own soloing.

The course is set up a suggested order, but feel free to jump around for what interests you most (although I recommend eventually doing every lecture!).

Awesome Lead Guitar 1
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