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Personal harm reduction strategies

Informal Social Control and Harm reduction instructions and techniques
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Students will have my road map consisting of instructions and techniques that will help them achieve harm reduction in relation to the use of alcohol or any drug
Students will have intructions, based on the principles of social control, that will allow them to put substance use into it’s proper place and not have a desire for it at other times
Students will be able to understand and be able to duplicate the same activities that i wrote about and have successfully used for over thirty years. Doing this will help you avoid addiction to any substance.

The purpose of this course is to reduce the harm to individuals and society caused by alcohol and drug use .

It's purpose is to spread harm reduction and informal social control techniques to all students and have this become common knowledge along with the knowledge of all available treatment options.

This course will allow you to use informal social control to avoid addiction and reduce the harm  of alcohol or any drug use.

An added consequence of this course that I hope will keep students interested is that, as you use alcohol or any drug correctly, you will actually enjoy it better and see social benefits from the use.

This course has instructions and techniques you can use in every chapter

I wrote the material for this course over 35 years ago and have successfully helped hundreds of people achieve harm reduction in their lives using these exact methods,

After taking this course you will know how to use alcohol or any drug correctly

You will know how to use in a manner that produce both less harm and more enjoyment

You will be able to use alcohol or any drug as an enhancement to be kept  in a proper place in life only.

Remember, quitting is better, but if you must use; 

learn how to use correctly and reduce the harm and increase the enjoyment  

I look forward to meeting with you and answering your questions 

Personal harm reduction strategies
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