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CATIA V5 Interior & Exterior, A2B , Reverse engineering

CATIA V5 Interior & Exterior ,Seating design
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you will learn Automotive desing as per OEM rules

This course is design for the people who are looking for job in automotive design, here i have discuss from basic to advance( sketching,position sketch,boolean operation,reverse engineering, sheet metal remastering, plastic remastering,engineering features)

here we have discuss only real live parts of automotives. if you do this course properly then you will get the knowledege about the automotive design and how to get a job in automotive firm if you didnt get a job placement from the campus.

go through the course propoerly dont skip any video becoause in every video i have discuss somthing new, and more important do prctice for given exercise.

Design over view in automotive industries

Introduction to automotive design

Different domains

Sketcher workbench


Rules to follow(position sketch)

Working in exercise

Basic and advance part design

Commands(some command OEM not accept)

Boolean operation (OEM Working procedures

Reverse engineering Remastering or

Part remastering

How to create a parametric model from dump

Basic and advance surface design


Creation of Closed body, Thickened body

Parting line, parting surface


Various analysis on class A- surface

Creation of B surface and C surface (closing surface)

Draft analysis, slider & lifter

DFM of parts

DFA of parts


Engineering features

In this section we will learn on what is a mounting feature

How to create a locator and dog house?

Integrating the mounting features to the base part with Boolean operations

CATIA V5 Interior & Exterior, A2B , Reverse engineering
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