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Automation Using Ansible on AWS (Sept 2020)

Configure and Deploy using Ansible with Hands On Coding Exercises !
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Introduction to Ansible and its Features
Architecture of Ansible
Installation and configuring Ansible
Understanding of Ansible Inventory
Ansible host Inventory File and Manual Inventory
Introduction to Ansible Modules and working with Database Modules
Ansible Adhoc commands
Understanding of Ansible Playbook and writing a Playbook
Illustration of Ansible Role
Variables, loops and conditions in Ansible Playbook

Ansible is an open-source automation tool or platform, used for IT tasks such as application deployments, configuration management, service Orchestration and provisioning.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of how Ansible functions, how to install and configure Ansible. The understanding of Architecture of Ansible and its advantages, prerequisites for Ansible to install and configure, understanding of Ansible Inventory, Ansible host & Manual Inventory, Advantages of Inventory file in Ansible, brief understanding of Dynamic Inventory, introduction to Ansible Modules, Working with Database Module, Ansible Adhoc commands, Introduction to Ansible Playbook, Write a Playbook and illustration of Ansible role. Variables, loops and conditions in ansible playbook. Brief introduction to Exception handling.

Automation Using Ansible on AWS (Sept 2020)
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