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Automated Translation with R and Google Translate API

Add Machine Translation to your Data Science skill set
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Automatically translate many files from one to many other languages
Automatically detect language(s) and translate text into one other language
Use R and Google Translator API
Learn to do text strings manipulation in R Statistical Software
Let computer work while you are sleeping!!! :)
Understand unicode standard for character encoding

This course will help you to learn how to practically use Google translator API*. This knowledge will greatly speed up translation tasks using cloud infrastructure. Multiple features like text analytics can now be enabled for your Blog, ChatBot, or other sources of Text.

* Knowledge obtained in this course is also applicable for Microsoft Translator API 

Why I need this course?

  • As a Blog owner it would be possible to know what are those hundreds of comments about. Enable text analytics with foreign languages...

  • As a Product owner it would be possible to update translation of manuals automatically as the text source change

  • As a Web site owner it would be easier to localize the website to increase sales from specific world region

What you will learn?

  • Setup Google Cloud Platform: get free credit, generate API keys

  • Read Text files using R Statistical Software

  • Manipulate text strings in the tables

  • Detect language source

  • Auto translate your files from one to many different languages

  • Auto translate text from many different languages to one...

  • Price indication for an Automated Translation using Cloud Platforms

How we will learn?

  • We will learn by translating closed captions or *.vtt files. If you have subtitles files for your videos which you want to auto-translate to many different languages then it's the course for you! You will be able to translate those files right away by using specialized R package

  • Additionally we will explore situation of translating multiple languages into one. We will be able to detect language source, translate only what is required to be translated.

  • We will use R software as our programming environment which will allow us to achieve our goal with minimum programming effort possible. 

  • This course is designed for you to quickly achieve your goal to know how to setup your computer in order to automatically translate your text. 

Join this course because you will get all these additional benefits:

  • Learn how to encrypt and securely use your API key with your scripts to safely use Version Control

  • Learn strings manipulations in R

  • Learn to automate your translating tasks

  • Learn what is Unicode Standard

  • Use code from the course with ease using R package translateVTT (soon on CRAN)

Finally you will be able to make computer doing all job even when you are sleeping!!!

Google/Microsoft Translate API is a paid service, however you can use your bonus credit from Google/Microsoft to start learning and applying your knowledge completely for Free. Course will also giving you a price indication of using this service.

Automated Translation with R and Google Translate API
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