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Automated Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

Learn the essential skills required to develop automated tests using Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid.
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Understand what Selenium WebDriver is and how to use it.
Employ the Page Object Model for planning and developing test harnesses.
Develop a reusable automated test framework using Selenium WebDriver.
Utilize their framework to develop test harnesses for web-based applications.
Create maintainable, self-documenting tests to be executed against websites and web-based applications.
Utilize a Selenium Grid (local or remote) for parallel and cross-browser testing.

With the ever increasing velocity of software development, the people charged with testing applications find themselves struggling to keep pace with new features while balancing the need for regression and integration tests. To succeed in assuring the quality of applications, teams need fast, reliable testing methods. By implementing test automation, lead times for running smoke and regression tests can be greatly reduced while improving the consistency and accuracy of them. While this seems like a simple solution, the knowledge and expertise required to build stable test harnesses is not yet common among testers or developers.

In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to build fully automated test suites for web-based applications using one of the most popular testing tools available, Selenium WebDriver.

Establish a Robust Knowledge Base for Selenium with this Essential Course.

  • Develop a reusable framework to accelerate test harness creation
  • Learn how to use one test to perform cross-browser functionality checks
  • Discover the methods used to identify and interact with the elements of web page
  • Configure, deploy, and connect to a Selenium Grid to allow parallel and cross-browser testing
  • Implement the Page Object Model to create a functional and easily maintained test harness
  • Incorporate the framework and page objects into a real world example of a test suite

Utilize the Power and Flexibility of the Selenium Suite to Empower Your Team

Selenium WebDriver is the fastest growing web testing framework available today and is slated to become the W3C standard for web browser automation. By learning and implementing Selenium now, you will be able to position yourself and your team as leaders in automated web testing. Once the standard has been fully implemented, your tests will be fully compatible with all standardized browsers provided exemplary value for cross-browser testing in both time and maintenance.

Currently, WebDriver has been implemented for most of the major browsers including:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera

In addition to desktop browsers, Selenium supports mobile testing on iOS and Android. through driver options such as Appium, Selendroid, and iOS Driver.

With Selenium powering your tests, you will be able to accomplish more in shorter periods of time and without the hassles of trying to work with proprietary languages or dealing with the maintenance nightmares of record-and-playback software packages.

Course Overview

This course provides a fast track to success using Selenium WebDriver to implement automated tests within your organization. Lectures cover the use of the Page Object Model for developing easily maintained test harnesses, creating an automation framework that will increase your test implementation velocity on any project, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls most testers find themselves in. In addition to learning how to utilize WebDriver, you will gain experience in configuring and connecting to a Selenium Grid for parallel and cross-browser testing using a single test suite.

The course is taught using the methods I use when mentoring junior developers and testers on the job. Information is provided through video demonstrations, discussions, and written resources. A quiz has been included in each section to help you determine how much of the information you have retained from the lectures. Some sections also have practice exercises to help in cementing your new knowledge.

If you have any questions about the content or would like some assistance in troubleshooting an exercise, please contact me. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Automated Testing Using Selenium WebDriver
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