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Automated Forex Trading + 99 Expert Advisors Every Month

Diversify Your Risk by Trading Many Forex Expert Advisors in One Account, and Achieve More Stable Results Every Day
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Forex trading with 99 Expert Advisors in one trading account
Choose the best EAs to place on a different trading account(live)
Use the "Magic numbers" to follow the results of each Forex Expert Advisor
Control the strategies in the account by following their results
Manage a Forex portfolio of Expert Advisors with precise statistics
You will learn to diversify the risk by trading many EAs simultaneously
You will know how to trade with Expert Advisors withou mql4 programming
How to choose only the Forex EAs that are profitable on the current market conditions

Is forex trading your dream? Let's make it real, and let's do it the right way. With this Forex trading course, you will learn how to trade always with profitable Expert Advisors in one account.

This  Forex online trading course will teach you how to trade the Expert Advisors that are profiting from the current market conditions. Your trading will change dramatically because you are getting 99 Expert Advisors monthly and I will teach you how to select the best Robots!

While there are plenty of trading courses that focus on theory, it is hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which is for beginners to advanced traders and is concentrated only on Forex trading.

Automated Forex trading is a course created by Petko Aleksandrov, the head trader in EA Forex Academy. In this course, he will provide you with 99 Expert Advisors for the Forex market. Even more, he will update the course with 99 new Expert Advisors every month. The EAs will be ready for trading, and you do not need to have any mql4 programming skills.

The method with 99 Robots that are presented in this course is a fully automated Forex trading system. As a trader, you do not need to open, manage, or close trades manually. All you need to do is to follow the performance of all robots and select the ones who are currently excelling in making profits. By separating these Expert Advisors on a different trading account, you will limit the risk and increase the potential profits. This way, you will always trade profitable Experts.

The course is designed for all levels of traders who want to improve their trading with Expert Advisors.

What will you learn in this Automated Forex trading online course?

  • How to trade 99 Expert Advisors in one trade account and separate the best CURRENT performers

  • Set up the trading environment and place the 99 Expert Advisors over the Meta Trader platform

  • Use the Forex Magic numbers properly to arrange the trading and follow the results of each Expert

  • Connect a Demo account with a statistical website to follow precise statistics for all Expert Advisors

  • Separate the best performers in another account(live), and trade there the top  Forex Expert Advisors

  • Replace the 99 Expert Advisors every month with the new ones that you will receive as an update

  • You will learn to depend on statistics and results, no hope and belief

"Markets changе all the time, and we need to trade the Expert Advisors that are currently making profits!" says Petko Aleksandrov in the course.

And this is his key to success, which he wants to share with the world. People rely on a single Expert Advisor that starts to lose at a current moment. That is quite normal and the most common mistake. Automated Forex trading is easy, but it depends on the way it is done.

Regardless of what your level of trading is or what type of trader you are, Mr. Aleksandrov will provide you with clear instructions on how to place the ready trading robots on Meta trader, how to follow their performance, and how to put them on a separate trading account. Anyone can make these steps, and no previous experience is needed. Examples will demonstrate the automated Forex trading system, and realistic results will be shown. 

Also, Petko Aleksandrov will share the process he follows to create so many Expert Advisors. He uses a professional strategy builder called EA Studio. This is software that allows him to generate, test, and automate 100s of strategies for a couple of hours(if you decide to practice with it, you may sign up and use two weeks free trial). However, even that is not required, as the mentor has already done it, and you will receive his 99  Expert Advisors included in the course.

Automated Forex trading is for people who want to diversify their risk and traders who depend on realistic statistics with proven results. Petko teaches that the only way to avoid losses is to overcome greed and fear in the trader. The easy way to do that is by automated Forex Trading.

Contents and Overview

This course is aimed at teaching beginner and advanced Forex traders that want to improve their trading and start earning more.

You will start with the basic set up of the trading environment. For the very newbie traders, there is an introductory lecture, where you will learn how to use the free Meta Trader platform(the only trusted platform for algorithmic trading).

You will learn the process of creating 100s of Forex strategies, and how it is possible to automate them into Expert Advisors without programming skills. Nowadays, everything is possible, and Petko Aleksandrov will teach you how this could be done without mql4 experience.

So you can trade with these Expert Advisors, you will see each step of the process, how to generate the strategies, how to filter them, and how to choose which ones to test in a Demo account. After the testing, you will know which EAs are showing the best results for the current market conditions. Those you can use for real trading.

By the end of this Automated Forex trading course, your confidence as a trader will soar. You will have a different understanding of algorithmic trading, and you will have a massive choice of Expert Advisors to trade with.

Who is the instructor?

Petko Aleksandrov is the founder of EA Forex Academy, where he teaches Automated Forex trading. He has recorded dozens of online trading courses. With Algorithmic trading, he succeeds in eliminating the emotions in the students who cause them to lose.

After university, Petko specialized in London, UK, where he studied Forex trading. He was invited to stay in as a Mentor, but he decided to move on his own. After that, he worked for a couple of financial institutions like insurance companies, banks, and Brokers, looking for the best way to trade on the financial markets. Also, this experience helped him "see" the trading on the other side of the platform. This way, he succeeded in improving his strategies in a way that they are compatible with the brokers and the market.

Together with all his other courses:

  • you will receive lifetime access to the course and all the updates done every month 

  • each improved approach for the automated Forex trading system that his team develops, you will receive for free

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available if you decide that for some reason this trading system is not for you

The provided Expert Advisors will be in two formats, one for Meta Trader 4, and one for Meta Trader 5. It is a personal choice, which one you will select for you.           

You will receive personal support for any questions by Petko Aleksandrov, always within 12 hours.

We can not wait to see you inside the course!

Enroll now, and Petko Aleksandrov will help you become a better algorithmic trader!


If you still doubt about it, see what our students say about the course:

Mostafa Ismail -> I should salute Petko for this excellent course. I have followed his Youtube videos first to familiarize myself with his product, and I was impressed, even before buying this course. Watching every second of the course made me more impressed by his detailed explanation and teaching style. I see lots of creativity in the way he does his trading. Some peephole me feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of strategies he generates and filter, but if it is quite justifiable for serious traders who want to make money. I have personally benefited significantly from this course and plan to apply his methodology. One note for potential buyers: check the review first to ensure that you have the prerequisites to benefit from the course, and once you decide you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Petko,

Marie F Petit  -> I love the way the course is scaffolded, it enables me to really understand what is being taught. Thank you!

Igbinovia Osayi Martin -> Great expert!!! It's my desire to enroll for all Petko's courses before the end of 2020

Frantz Aladin -> I like this course a lot. i'm a coder so i can understand the codes and truly understand whats going on. very good ea's . having good results so far on demo.

Raymond Oh -> This is Petko's second trading course I purchased and attended. Like the last one, Petko did a wonderful job in sharing his excellent trading strategy with his students. He's also a great teacher. He effortlessly walks through the lectures with easy-to-understand languages and convincing manners. Moreover, he provides the students with his robots (the EAs) for free and updates them monthly. That is a very good value to students because it would save them a lot of work and a lot of time. Petko's trading strategies are excellent because they help traders build skills that make trading more profitable instead of giving them false hopes. In addition, the strategies in this course can also be extended into other trading instruments such as futures and stocks. Even if you are a seasoned trader, you could still benefit from attending this course. So, I highly recommend it. Thank you Petko for a great course!

Jose Cortes Llobat ->Amazing course plenty of good content. It follows the process given by the instructor on other courses but all of them are complementary providing new knowledge about how to work with many EAs. It's pretty nice that the instructor provides the EAs to test with and updates them monthly, so you will never have outdated EAs. It's awesome how those expert advisors are created using new software tools that do not require any programming skill and how the instructor explains the entire process providing the students the whole picture of the process. Thanks Petko. :-D

Automated Forex Trading + 99 Expert Advisors Every Month
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