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Microsoft Power Automate - Flow SharePoint to Excel

Automate and update Excel from SharePoint upon any change to a list
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Real life example of how to use Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) to move SharePoint entries into an Excel Spreadsheet.
We will be seeing how to flow your input into SharePoint to an Excel spreadsheet. Lots of basic lessons about how to use Power Automate can be learned here!
Getting around in Power Automate and troubleshooting automations.

Microsoft Power Automate (previously Flow) is truly an amazing go-between for many applications and data. With this product, we can create automations that make repetitive work happen without our interaction. We will look at one such automation that is very handy in getting information out of a SharePoint list immediately upon an update, and updating a Spreadsheet so we can do statistical work, or even a dashboard. We will setup a List in SharePoint, create our spreadsheet in Excel, and a workflow automation to connect the two items together. Information will flow dynamically and we will see that in a graphical way as well.

By taking this course, you will learn about interfacing with Power Automate, creating a spreadsheet and turning on table views, and finally, how to troubleshoot issues with your flow that may keep it from working properly.

Beginners and those just trying to see a real-world example, are welcome to attend. This is for anyone that wants to create flows or automation and, especially for those that need to get daily information from SharePoint lists into an Excel spreadsheet so that you can do further analysis, create dashboards, or print. If you have opened Microsoft Automate, you will be able to follow along.

Microsoft Power Automate - Flow SharePoint to Excel
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