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AutoCAD 2018 Basics for Beginners

Civil Engineering : AutoCAD 2018 Basics for Beginners: Commands and Objects
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Draw Basic AutoCAD Objects like: Lines, Circles, Arcs, Arrays, Rectangles, and Poly-Lines.
Perform Basic AutoCAD Commands: Copy, Move, Scale, Stretch, Mirror, Offset, Erase, and others.
Understand The Concept of Layers in AutoCAD
Create and Adjust Layers in AutoCAD

Civil Engineering Courses by Hamid El Darwich:

Learn the basic drawing and commands of AutoDesk 2018. If you are new to AutoCAD 2018 then this course is for you.

What to expect from this course:

After completion of this course, you are expected to be able to draw basic objects and perform basic commands using AutoCAD 2018. 

What are exactly the points covered in this course:

- Part I: Downloading the Software for Free from AutoDesk.

- Part II: Drawing Objects in AutoCAD. 

- Part III: Performing Commands in AutoCAD.

- Part IV: Understand and Create Layers in AutoCAD. 

AutoCAD 2018 Basics for Beginners
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