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Autism Awareness for All

Whether you know a bit about autism or are a complete beginner, this course has all you need to help you get started.
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A basic understanding of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and how to help with common issues caused by the condition.

Autism is a condition which affects almost everyone in some way, whether you have a family member, a child, a friend, a colleague, a student or are have autism yourself. Autism is a hidden condition and therefore it requires some understanding and in this free course you will learn all you need to understand autism.

This course will teach you what autism is and how to recognises its major characteristics, it will teach you why autism is a spectrum disorder (or condition) and it will teach you about the major challenges which autistic people might face.

I hope by the end of this course you will have a new awareness of autism and you will be able to approach autism with understanding.


About the author:

Timothy Sproule has been working with autistic children and adults for 13 years using martial arts to help with their development. He was a befriender for the NAS (national autistic society) and member of his local committee between 2009-2019 and is now an ambassador for the European branch of Fighting for Autism.

Timothy was diagnosed with asperges syndrome at 7 years old and understands the struggles and stigma faced by autistic people as well as their skills, abilities and potential.

Autism Awareness for All
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