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Authentic Okinawa Food Recipes: Secret of Japanese Long Life

Learn what the people with the longest life expectancy in Japan put on their table
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Cook authentic Okinawa dishes at home.
Learn the common ingredients used in preparing Okinawa food.
Learn and apply Okinawan cooking methods and techniques to everyday cooking.
Cook pork dishes the Okinawa way.
Learn new recipes for main dishes, appetizers, dessert and snack.

Okinawa is the southernmost region of Japan known for its unique culture, warm climate, beaches and the people with the longest life expectancy in the country. Experts have found four main reasons why the Okinawans live longer than other Japanese and it is interesting to note that one of it is the food they eat. 

In this course, we will take a look into what the one of the longest living people in the world eats. We will take a peek into what they usually put on their table. We will also learn the ingredients they commonly use and how their food are prepared. It would be a surprise to students to know that Okinawan food are simple and easy to prepare. Though some of the ingredients they use may be hard to find outside Okinawa, you can find substitutes which are more readily available in most places and are also mentioned in this course. 

This course is divided into several sections and in each section you will learn several recipes for a specific main ingredient commonly used in Okinawa cuisines. It was surprising for me to learn that pork is a vital part of Okinawa cuisines and you will learn several ways to cook pork the Okinawa way. In addition to pork, you will also learn how to prepare Okinawa ingredients such as Okinawa soba, mimigar or pork ears, bitter melon or goya and shima rakkyo or island shallots among others. You will also learn common cooking methods and techniques used in preparing Okinawa food.

This course is filled with so much fun, information and deliciousness from every Okinawa dish you will learn to cook. Start with the first lecture now and enjoy every food you will prepare. Have fun in the kitchen.

Authentic Okinawa Food Recipes: Secret of Japanese Long Life
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