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Augmented Reality AR with Unity & Vuforia for Android & iOS

Create 10 Augmented Reality Apps (AR) with Unity and Vuforia for Android and iOS quickly & easily (course for everyone)
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To Create Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS (AR) with Unity and Vuforia
To Use the Image Targets in Unity with Vuforia
To Use the User Defined Image Targets in Unity with Vuforia
To Use the Cylindrical Targets in Unity with Vuforia
To Use the Ground Plane in Unity with Vuforia
To Import 3D models and characters into AR apps in Unity
To Project videos into a virtual TV with Augmented Reality
The fundamental foundations of Augmented Reality (the technology of the future!)
Make life-sized cars appear in the middle of the road with Augmented Reality

Welcome to the Augmented Reality course that will teach you Unity and Vuforia taking you from zero to hero!

With this course you will learn how to use Vuforia technology with Unity and therefore to create Augmented Reality apps (also called AR apps) on phones with Android and iOS operating systems.

We will build 10 different applications with which we will see the main tools available with Vuforia for augmented reality, such as:

  • The Image Target

  • User Defined Image Target

  • Cylindrical Target

  • Ground Plane

  • Mid Air

  • AR with videos and Chroma Key

  • AR and virtual windows overlooking other worlds!

and many other techniques that will allow you to create incredibly realistic applications in which the reality of the phone camera will merge with the three-dimensional fantasy offered by the powerful Unity.

This is a course for everyone, both for those who already know Unity but would like to expand their skills and for those approaching the world of apps and Unity for the first time. Each topic will be explained in detail and everything done during the course will be created and tested together, nothing will be left to chance and nothing will be taken for granted.

If you want to improve your knowledge and therefore also your resume or simply want to create a new hobbie this is the course for you, sign up now, I'm sure you won't regret it ... and if for any reason you won't be satisfied with your purchase you will have the guarantee of  "money back" within 30 days of purchase ... what more could you ask for?

I'll see you in class...
Ciao and Happy Learning!

Augmented Reality AR with Unity & Vuforia for Android & iOS
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