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Basics of Audit and Assurance 101

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Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practice of auditing, incorporating Problem solving, Communication, Organisation & Planning, Personal impact and confidence, Team working
Demonstrate an understanding of the role of legal and professional bodies in the area of auditing using problem solving, Personal impact and confidence skills
Compose a coherent argument leading to a clearly stated conclusion based on the evaluation of a wide range of published literature and other sources in the area of auditing having used problem solving, communication, organisation & planning, personal impact and confidence and team working skills

Auditing is a fundamental skill and an important undertaking for professional accountants. This course introduces auditing and assurance and develops skills involved in the audit process. You will develop a critical approach to the application of new skills to the professional environment. A wide range of transferable and intellectual skills will be delivered and assessed to allow you to gain confidence and employability skills for the business environment. The course is delivered by professional and provides a sound knowledge of the concepts of accountability and control, the nature, purpose and scope of audit and assurance engagements, including the statutory audit, its regulatory environment and the professional ethics of audit and assurance services. You will explore national and international auditing regulations; auditing theories, and evaluation of reporting practices for corporations both nationally and internationally. You will be able to exercise judgement and evaluation in corporate reporting matters and can react to current developments and new global practices. This course aims to promote the core values of Internationalisation via the application of International Standards on Auditing and Social, Public and Ethical responsibility with an emphasis on Auditor Independence, Ethics and Reporting.

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Basics of Audit and Assurance 101
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